When you’re traveling, you can find yourself quickly disoriented at the turn of an alley, stunned in front of a biscuit wrapper or distraught in front of his hotel closed. Fortunately, there are great tools that can save you time traveling. Get a phone and a little bit of self-help! Planet Ride presents here the most practical IOS and Android applications to go on a journey the suitcase and the light spirit.

To make the trunk

For the fans of lists, the disorganized or the feigners there is Packing, an app which helps you to make your bag. Make your lists intuitively thanks to the app, which will prevent you from falling into a toothbrush road during your romantic trip. You can even consult predefined lists by type of trip (camping, hiking, business trip …) to be equipped in any circumstance.Drivers, ride quietVous go by motorcycle, car, motorhome or any other motorized vehicle? The Waze app is for you! Free, it allows you to find everywhere, abroad and even in the middle of the pampas. With this wonderful tool do not miss any info on the traffic of your route. The app tells you the cheapest gas stations in your perimeter. A voice navigation also allows you to configure your routes even the most complex.Internet always and everywhere during your trip! No more time when it was necessary to walk the city centers in search of grilled odors emanating from fast food to free wifi. Wi-Fi Finder is here for you! This small tool allows you thanks to a geolocation to find you all the free connection points as pay close to you.

Guide and travel book

You are fed up of getting lost on moult notebooks, between that lists, contacts, the travel story and good addresses? Mobilytrip brings you all in one travel app. True social travel network, this tool allows you to describe in real time your trip and to consult the opinion of other travelers. The app also contains more than 125 free travel guides, indicating by geolocation off line the must-see places to visit. Another feature: you can take your travel photos and sort them directly on the platform! Your friends are notified by a facebook, twitter or email notification when posting content. You also have the option to manage the privacy settings of these posts. A practical and intuitive app when you do not want to load paper.

All the itinerary of your trip in a calendar

The job of Tripit is to compile all your tickets and your bookings on a calendar that gives you a very simple itinerary integrating all the details of your trip. You can then share the route with your friends, ideal to meet during a roadtrip. A very useful tool to keep all your plane, train and boat tickets in one place!

Music to travel according to your mood

After listening to and listening to our great playlist, review the contents of your ipod to the Corrida of Francis Cabrel, Grooveshark will appear to you like an oasis in the middle of the desert. With Groovshark listen in unlimited and free your favorite songs. Also make discoveries with the proposed playlists. Perfect for letting yourself rock to the beat of the road, watch a beautiful sunset, or cross a mountain pass on epic music.

An app that knows you well

Foursquare, it’s like your best friend, who knows you on the fingertips, who did everything and who always shares his good plans. Go on a trip and tell him everything you love (medieval music, gluten-free croissants and Hungarian cinema) and Foursquare will send you a notification as soon as you approach a point of interest. You are on the Tower Bridge of London, Foursquare tells you that a concert just started at 200 meters, you are in front of the Taj Mahal, Foursquare tells you the best place for Indian lunch, you are on Alexander Platz in Berlin, Foursquare show you a street-art show in a gallery a block away.

Follow your finances even on vacation

It is sometimes difficult to navigate between dollars, rupees or yen. Fortunately there is Xe Currency, a powerful application that allows you to obtain accurate exchange rates depending on stock market prices. Practical and effective, it will avoid you to make divisions by 0.65!

Break the Language Barrier

The inevitable Google translation can be quite handy when you run out of dictionary. Recently, the application integrates an augmented translation service. Simply point your phone’s camera at a package or sign for translation. In addition to the written translation, Google translation offers a voice recognition translation to communicate instantly. And to stay connected throughout your trip opt for a solar charger! In addition to charging your phone, it will allow you to meet all your energy needs during your roadtrip.

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