What is See You Soon?

The dream of a lifetime, this binomial of adventurers did! Browse the world’s roads aboard a well-appointed van, meet local riders and share exceptional gliding moments on the world’s most beautiful spots.

Céline, born in the Savoyard Mountains, is an avid gliding globe like skiing and snow. Aurélien, photographer and video artist of profession, is also a fan of sport of gliding and practice surfing, the wake and the kite. Together, they decided to tackle everything, merge their passion for extreme sports and their appetite for van travel!

It is on a Sunday evening that the desire to leave in unknown lands comes to the idea of the young binomial. The See You Soon project takes shape: Travelling in van set up on the most beautiful spots in the world and meeting athletes, while browsing 6 continents in 2 years!

Their goal? Inspire dreamers and adventurers from around the world so that in turn they decide to go live their passion. For this, they share with you a content that you will not find anywhere else: photos, videos and interviews of the greatest outdoor sportsmen in the wild spots of the whole world. Trading around this passion with these extreme sports experts becomes the hallmark of See You Soon.

For their first destination, Céline and Aurélien decide to travel in a van and to reach Spain and then the south of Portugal, in the Algarve region. Known for its cliffs, small fishing villages and wild beaches, it is natural that these two friends make a stop this region, looking for a wave.

From Malaga to Spain to Burgau in Portugal, passing through Albufeira, Sasandstone, Praia de Castelejo, not forgetting the immense deserted beach of Arrifana, they tell you their adventure on the most beautiful spots and regions of Spain and Portugal.

Today, See You Soon calls for donations and launches its own crowfunding campaign, allowing them to fund their main travel tool, their van. Fully equipped and ready to roam the roads of the world, their van Iveco Daily 4×4 is waiting for one thing, to blackmail its engine from France, to Thailand!

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