Intrepid Globetrotters, nature lovers, couples in love with wild life, animal photographers, families in search of adventures, passionate about fauna and flora, scientific explorers, archaeologists … Whatever the traveller’s profile, he knows that not all safaris are alike. At the right time, as destinations like activities to do are endless! However, the traveller must ask himself what kind of experience he wants to live, for what purpose and at what rate. Does he intend to discover a park in depth or visit one every day? Between a contemplative immersion or a getaway to fill out his photo album, what interests him the most? And will he be doing his solo, couple, group or family safari? And what sensations is he looking for, a 4-wheel drive, a buggy tour, a motorhome adventure, a quad or motorcycle expedition?

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But, whatever its preferences, one thing is certain: to go on safari is the privileged opportunity to apprehend both the natural and cultural treasures of a country. Here are seven exceptional safaris that a real explorer should do at least once in his life …

The wonders of Safari in Botswana

Going on safari in Botswana promises beautiful surprises for wildlife enthusiasts. The wildlife wealth of the country is revealed in the big day between December and April. Between May and August, however, the temperature is bearable and the absence of rain makes it easy to discover the spectacular landscapes of the Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta. 2 or 3 weeks are ample enough to spend a stay in lodge, under the sign of the voluptuousness or to go camping adventure in the heart of this destination. But in order to travel independently and safely, it is better to go through the territory in 4-wheel. Boat rides are also possible on the Chobe River.

Top 7 Safaris

The National Park is located 10 minutes from the Kasane airport. Fueled permanently by the Chobe River in the north, it is known for its impressive elephant density. It is also home to the largest predators in Africa, especially the lions and leopards that find abundant prey. Navigating the shores of the Chobe in 4-wheel drive will be the best way to get close to wildlife, come to water and cool down in the meanders of the river. The swamps of Savuti, the marshes of Linyanti and the forests of Serondela are also important ecological zones to visit absolutely. Avoid however the rainy season, not conducive to photo safaris, because at this time the fauna tends to scatter in the region descending to the delta …

With its particular ecosystem, the Okavango Delta attracts a rich and diversified fauna and a myriad of birds that will certainly delight birdwatchers. Enjoy your escapade in this real gem of Botswana tourism to go on an excursion aboard an authentic “Mokoro” (canoe). At the key, the discovery of a natural space cooler between lagoons, islets, canals, forests and savannas, not forgetting the nest of the nature reserve of Moremi where beautiful meetings await you: Giraffes, Impala, crocodile, warthogs … The “Out of Africa” decor par excellence!

Safari in Namibia, a paradise of contrasts

Namibia allows travelers to make long journeys in 4WD with formulas of all kinds, in bivouac, in Ecolodge, in guided circuits or in Autotour. The country attracts lovers of large spaces and adventurers with its kaleidoscope of landscapes and its unbelievable biodiversity. Natural reserves, dream beaches, desert, steppes and dunes … Your expedition through the Namibian stretches will give the words escape and freedom all their senses!

Top 7 Safaris

Among the tourism flagships in Namibia, Etosha National Park, one of the world’s largest natural reserves, is undoubtedly in the first place. It is also the paradise of black and white rhinos, but also of elephants and cheetahs. Spread over some 22 270 km², the Etosha Park has been built with excellent infrastructure and well designed trails to provide visitors with the best safari experience. The best spots to approach and photograph wildlife in its natural habitat are the points and streams on the shores of which flamingos, wildebeest, Springboks and other zebras impala like to Attrouper.

For the unconditional hiking trails that want to push their limits, the ascent of the Naukluft culminating at more than 1 000 meters of altitude and the conquest of the majestic dunes of Sossulvei, the highest in the world, will be the ultimate challenge. The geology is hallucinating, with the river Tsauchab digging its bed in the desert of salt and clay. And the encounters are not excluded with more than fifty species of mammals and nearly two hundred species of birds that have been elected to the region. And to push the adventure further, punctuate it with a detour into the Kaokoland (north-west region of the country) where you can mingle the time of a day or two to the Himba, a historical people whose us and customs can only charm you!

Safari in South Africa: The Treasures of Kruger Park

Even if South Africa with its poignant past, its mixed company and its renowned wines is a beautiful cultural destination, it is put its suitcases above all to live an exceptional 4 x safari. The reason is simple, mother Nature endowed this immense country with an extraordinary variety of landscapes and an equally diversified biodiversity, ranging from large spaces to steep mountains, through savannas, lush forests and jungle, without Forget the miles of golden beaches.

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For a safari that mixes discoveries, pleasures and beautiful sensations, the inevitable rendezvous is the Kruger National Park in the northeast of the country. Rightly celebrated, it is one of the largest protected areas in the world with just under 20 000 km² of area and one of the richest in terms of biodiversity, since there are six ecosystems of 1 982 species of plants, 517 avian species whose Half is endemic to the park, 206 species of reptiles, amphibians and fish, and slightly less than 150 species of mammals, including the famous Big Five (elephant, lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo). So many surprising meetings to do all year long!

You will have the opportunity to contemplate and tame the South African roads, including the new Maputo Corridor, during a road trip to Kruger. You have about six hours, starting from Johannesburg. However, by wet season (December to February), roads and trails are sometimes inaccessible, the alternative is to take a direct flight to Hoedspruit (HDS) or Nelspruit-Kruger Mpumalanga (MQP), the two airports closest to the park since Your city of arrival (Johannesburg, Cape town). From here you can choose between a car transfer to the park or a flying-safari in a small charter flight to your lodge.

Safari in Tanzania: Discovering the illustrious Seregenti

Tanzania is a safari destination still little acclaimed by Globetrotters yet, this country is a natural curiosity in itself where every detour, every expanse of land is a wonder for the eyes. It is Impossible to embark on a safari in Tanzania without being enchanted by the hallucinating parade of landscapes: The steppes and the savannas are gradually followed by immense lakes and unleashed rivers, then gushing from the Earth, the mountains and volcanoes Dizzy with lush vegetation. You will have understood, this is where the most unlikely landscapes meet, creating the perfect setting for sports enthusiasts and outdoor recreation …

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If for your stay you have to settle for only one national park, it is the Serengeti in the north, which must be surrendered. You can only be surprised by the animal density present in the plains of the Serengeti, one of the largest ecosystems still preserved on the planet. This national park of more than 14 000 km² is also the scene of the largest animal migration in the world. Each year, herds of herbivores travel more than 800 km to the south, in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. An unprecedented phenomenon that will inevitably leave you with imperishable memories! To be, the ideal will be to opt for a combined circuit between the two countries for a sensational north-south procession …

Aside from rhinos, hippotragus and some antelope families that remain throughout the year in the northern part of the country, all the animals in Tanzania are present and observable in the Serengeti. Do not hesitate to deviate from the most frequented tracks to discover the best hidden treasures of the site and to make unsuspected meetings. Three to seven days is ample enough for you to fill your photo album of beautiful wild Animal pictures.

Safari in Kenya: Immersion in the Massi Mara

June is the most conducive to a safari in Kenya, since at this time of the year the climate is soft and dry, with a beautiful sky of azure blue. The still-untouched nature of the large tourist attractions reveals its most beautiful shades of green and the first wildebeest and zebras of the Serengeti (Tanzania) then begin their ritual descent into the verdant expanse of the Maasai Mara. A bargain to seize so if you want to enjoy your safari away from the hustle, since from July onwards, the migration from the Serengeti is beating its full with the great crossing of the Mara River. And because animals are easier to observe and photograph at that time, the crowd will inevitably be abundant.

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Plan for at least two days and up to a week to tour the treasures of Maasai Mara. Stretching on 1 510 km², it is one of the most beautiful natural reserves in Africa. You will the hills and savannas strewn with acacias, but also the fertile plains where you will have the best chance to meet Hartebeest, Grant gazelles, Buffalo, cobs or even impala. If it is to the east of the park, easily accessible from Nairobi, that the accommodation destined to welcome the adventurers is concentrated, it is in the camps installed on the cliffs of Oloololo or “Siria” that you will enjoy a view at 360 ° on the reserve . and to traverse the triangle of Mara, territory of the predators, it is better to explore in 4WD.

But Kenya is not reduced to its immense animal reserve. Whether you choose a 4WD safari or a motorcycle expedition, the stay invites you to a wide range of discoveries to try.  Stunning mountains, sight-loss plateaus, gentle slopes of the seaside, stunning rift … The hammered terrain of Kenyan territory presents itself as a giant playground and open skies for those who like to vary the pleasures and to try new activities: hikes, mountaineering, rafting, beach, diving, surfing, windsurfing, rafting, kayak or Still Hunting and fishing …

Safari in India: Tour of the natural parks and Rajasthan

India is a country whose cultural wealth is very touted, sometimes at the expense of the natural wonders that are yet as numerous as fascinating. Because of this, if you have the opportunity to discover this great country, do not hesitate to choose a safari formula on motorbike in India, alternating visits to the historic high places and escaped in the green boxes to combine culture bath and adventures Hectic.

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To begin the exploration, go to the discovery of Rajasthan, a state which is illustrated both for its architectural heritage and its unrivalled natural setting. Between two sprints on roads and winding tracks that will make you cross in turn the Salt Lake of Sambhar, the mountain range of the Aravalli, the holy city of Pushkar and Mount Abu, as well as the cities of Jaisalmer, the “Pink City” Jaipur and Jodhpur , you will discover a wealthy territory where the sumptuous palaces (palace of the winds, City Palace, Mehrangarh, the Havelî and other forts (Amber), form with exotic vegetation, hills and sacred lakes, surprising scenes, but Undeniably ravishing …

If you are leaning more for a green tourism rich in discoveries, Ranthambore National Park is a first choice destination. Old hunting area of Maharaja, the site which has become a real spot of observation of wildlife in India, has preserved the ruins of ancient pavilions in ruins and its old fort. It lies a few blocks from the Golden Triangle, in the heart of a paradisiacal setting dotted with lakes, rivers and forests where deer, monkeys, migratory birds, and sometimes even impetuous Bengal tigers, are appearing. Keoladeo Ghana National Park, near Bharatpur, is aimed at birdlife enthusiasts with more than 230 species of sedentary birds and about 120 other migratory species, including the very rare Siberian crane.

Safaris in Nepal: the unforgettable Chitwan

Land of Legends, Cradle of Buddhism, “abode of the Gods” and fief of the mythical Himalayan chain, Nepal is a multifaceted country where cultural and spiritual immersion is inseparable from communion with an exuberant nature that, over Centuries, has preserved its rights … The trip to Nepal in itself is a window open to a world of mysteries and manners often unknown to the greatest number. This is to say that this destination brings together all the pleasures that you are entitled to expect from an authentic motorcycle safari in Asia!

The site that comes directly to mind when imagining its safari in Nepal is of course the National Park of Chitwan which literally translates “heart of the Jungle”. Although the country has several protected areas, including the national parks of Bardia, Sagarmatha or Shivapuri Nagarjun, it is Chitwan that you have to go to experience a kind of safari you never thought of: the Elephant Safari!

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The park has been established in 1973 and is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, as a remnant of natural ecosystems in the Terai region. Covering an area of 932 km² at the foot of the Himalayas, the park which consists of several different natural habitats (steep cliffs, vast undulating meadows and alluvial plains, swampy tracts and forests in Sal …) is a giant breeding ground of plants and of wild animals all as captivating as each other … and the floristic and fauna density of the Chitwan National Park can really be described as grandiose, given its size, rather contained in relation to other parks of the country as. The animals featured in this protected area being the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Indian Rhinoceros or the unicorn, of its scientific name (in great danger of extinction). But it also regularly meets leopards and threatened species such as the lips Bear and the Mithun (Bovid).

Moreover, cultural exchange is not excluded during your safari at Parc Chitwan, since the site houses two religious buildings of great importance: Bikram Baba in Kasara and the ashram of Balmiki in Tribeni, and Chitwan is also the territory of Tharu, a Aboriginal community whose cultural rites and practices can only amaze you!

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