Mozambique-A state on the east coast of the African continent

Bordered by the Indian Ocean, there are very long white sandy beaches lined with coconut trees. The beautiful scenery is worthy of a postcard. The country is home to many islands with a unique atmosphere. The archipelago of Bazaruto, known for its glittering dunes and its many colorful fish offers a spectacle out of standard. Divided into two parts, the southern part of the country is home to Maputo, the burgeoning modern capital that concentrates almost all of the country’s wealth. The north of the country still under developed remains very wild, a perfect playground for a 4×4 road trip. Between turquoise expanse and lush green palms, traditions and cultures, Mozambique is a perfect land of exploration that will delight every adventurer.

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Namibia-A southern African country

Housed between the Kalahari and the blue waters of the South Atlantic, Namibia has an important natural and cultural heritage. The semi-desert landscapes are home to huge ranches in the hollows of the reddish sand dunes. Zebras, giraffes, elephants, rhinoceroses populate this infinite land. Along the coast the villages are scarce, Swakopmund known as the seaside resort of Namibia, is very surprising because of its typical Dutch architecture. About thirty kilometers to the south, Walvis Bay, meaning “the Bay of Whales”, is the inevitable rendezvous point of a multitude of flamingos offering a grandiose spectacle. Consider a 4x4 road trip to discover the sumptuous landscapes that this country offers.

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Swaziland-A southern African country

Bordered by South Africa and Mozambique, Swaziland is one of the world’s most unsung countries. 200 km separates the north from the south and 130 km east and west making it a very small country. Its traditions are among the most colorful of the African continent. The country is home to several reserves such as the Mkhaya Reserve, one of the world’s wildest reserves, where lions, leopards, elephants, black rhinoceros and African buffalo are present. The reserve of Hlane in full Savannah is very nice, hippos and rhinos lounging early in the morning, a striking spectacle. Opt for a 4×4 road trip to discover landscapes alternating between mountains and valleys.

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Guatemala-a Central American country

Guatemala is an extraordinary country surrounded by Mexico, Belize, the Caribbean Sea, Honduras, El Salvador and the Pacific Ocean. Its magical landscapes, still active volcanoes, bluish lakes, lush jungles full of life, typical villages nestled on the Highlands, Atlantic and Pacific coasts make it an extremely active destination. The many monuments such as the ruins of Antigua where the temple of the great Jaguar will delight the photographers. This country offers a wide range of colorful landscapes. The national parks are splendid especially in the region of Petén. In the heart of the jungle, in lush vegetation the Tikal archaeological site is extraordinary and lake Atitlán overlooked by three imposing volcanoes is considered the most beautiful lake in the world. Travel differently and opt for a motorcycle road trip through Guatemala’s land.

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Bhutan-A South Asian country

Located between Tibet and India, Bhutan is a country that has long been closed to tourists and whose existence has long been ignored. Its tenacious and gentle Buddhist people and its Himalayan mountains have ajar their doors in 1974. The landscapes of remarkable beauty and its architectural richness make it a gem of the Himalayas. A trip to Bhutan is always grand. It is in its mountains with snow-capped tops and its verdant plains that are perched large monasteries with astonishing frescoes. The country houses temples and villages with traditional cultures and the very hospitable population. On the road, the good humour of schoolchildren and the smiles of the people working in the fields are a scent of happiness. A Bhutan trip to Moto is the perfect opportunity to meddle in the culture and traditions of this unique and unexplored country. It is not for nothing that it is called Bhutan the Land of happiness!

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Uzbekistan-a Central Asian country

Surrounded by Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan is a unique crossroads of civilisations. Home to the mythical Silk Road the country has preserved a heritage through its cultural lifestyle and its prestigious monuments. Its inhabitants with very different languages and traditions make it a crossroads of lifestyles. Vast desert lands inhabited by ruins, surround the cities of this country with the natural wonders still too little known. The Place du Registan is a sumptuous place at both night and day. Its grandeur, its colors and decorations leave speechless. The Madraza de Nadir-Divan, home to artisanal shops, calls for the beauty of its exceptional porch with colorful ceramic drawings. A 4×4 road trip on the tracks of the Silk Road in immersion between encounters and culture, is the perfect way to discover the riches of this country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina-a southern European state

Located on the Balkan peninsula between Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and a small part of the Adriatic Sea, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a warm land. The historic centres of Sarajevo, a multicultural city with history and, Mostar, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are the main strengths of the country. The latter is full of superb communes often nestled at the foot of medieval castles and enchanting landscapes. Sarajevo is a mix between the east and the west where the last ruins can still be seen. This contrasts with the caves, bluish rivers, waterfalls and forests that the country holds. By car, motorbike or camper, all means are good for a trip off the beaten path.

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Macedonia-a southern European state

Unsung country of tourists, sharing its borders with Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, Macedonia is at the crossroads of the east and the west. One can discover a preserved mountainous territory where a rare and wild fauna lives. Rich in ancient sites, the country offers sensational scenery. The medieval monasteries hidden in the mountains and the villages of character tell the story of this small country. Its landscapes and wild nature lend themselves to all kinds of outdoor activities. Welcome and kindness are the watchword of its inhabitants. The fond of modern architecture, will appreciate Skopje, the capital offering a real displacement for travelers thirsting for New Horizons. Ohrid, famous for its splendid Byzantine churches and its great lake, is a veritable gem of the Balkans. Opt for a motorcycle road trip across the country to combine sensations and displacement.

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Burma-a country in Southeast Asia

Located between India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand, Burma also called Myanmar is an extraordinary country, housing the most captivating sites in the world. Irreplaceable and authentic, Burma is the country of temples and pagodas. Lake Inle, one of the country’s merry, is bordered by beautiful rice paddies and unbelievable landscapes made of villages on the water. Mount Kyaiktiyo and its golden rock, placed in balance and covered with gold leaves, is an indispensable place in the country. The mountains of sight, stupas and temples make it a breathtaking landscape. Burma also contains beaches including those of Ngapali, long stretches of sands bordering the turquoise water favorable to sweet moments of relaxation. Go exploring Burma’s hidden treasures by Scooter!

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Botswana-A southern African country

Surrounded by South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Botswana occupies a vast sandy basin. Small, welcoming villages inhabit the large desert areas, savannas and salt marshes. The incredible richness of its fauna makes it an ideal country for a 4×4 road trip. Thorny bushes have chosen to dwell on rocky hills. The drought of the desert contrasts with the basin of the Limpopo River. In the wilderness, hippos, elephants and crocodiles coexist with hundreds of species of birds not far from the Lions camouflaged in the tall grass.  The various national parks in the region hold most of the animals in southern Africa. A 4×4 road trip will provide you with a unique experience.

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