It's hard to choose where to go when you know that the four corners of Canada are must-see places. You don't always know where to organize your road trip. Even more when the country represents 20 times France in terms of surface area. Going to Canada is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This country is a real paradise for bikers, between mountains, lakes, mythical roads, everything is there to amaze you. Snowmobiling, also called Skidoo, is one of the most popular winter outdoor activities in Quebec.

The essential Quebec of Canada The second most populous province in Canada, Quebec offers us a multitude of possible itineraries. It is a region of Canada very mountainous and conducive to the practice of snowmobiling, a true paradise! Quebec also stands out with its giant network of trails. In fact, there are more than 33,000 kilometers of trails. Something to satisfy everyone. This enchanting environment has become a real playground since the 1970s during their development.

Did you know that snowmobiles, the ancestor of snowmobiles, were designed by Joseph-Armand Bombardier in 1936. The first snowmobiles were also used during World War II.

Quebec also attracts for its magnificent landscape. Snow-covered forests, lakes and rivers will be your real expedition companions.But then what can we really see there?

There are countless places of interest in this part of Canada. Among them, the Taureau lake , is one of the largest lakes near Montreal. Several trails have been developed in order to be able to enjoy the magnificent landscape in winter as in summer. How to talk about a snowmobile road trip without talking about the 80 km of marked trails of the Bras-du-Nord Valley ? Combining short and long hikes, this territory offers a wide range of experiences for all. You will be able to see incredible waterfalls, immense forests as well as a suspension bridge which is worth the detour.

Discover other trails, a little less known, those of the Laurentides Wildlife Reserve . Many frozen lakes and rivers, mountains and fresh snow on the menu.

Recognized for their abundant snow and their magnificent landscapes, the sectors of Monts-Valin and Saguenay Fjord will delight all snowmobile enthusiasts. You will undoubtedly have the chance to see the majestic Fjord by going to one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec, the Anse St-Jean. Take the time to enjoy the magnificent trails along the Saint-L river have and discover the Amerindian culture e.

Good to s have: if your visit is in early February, do not miss the Quebec Winter Carnival. It is the largest winter festival in the world, and a winter tradition beloved by locals and tourists alike.

Don't want to miss anything on your trip? find our snowmobile tours which will make you discover all the unmissable places of the region!

An adventure that everyone will love Small walks of a few hours snowmobile raids of several days, in duo or solo on a motorcycle, everyone can participate in this activity and is well supervised by a professional guide. It is an authentic experience to live for nature lovers and large spaces. Discover panoramas like you will not see anywhere else and observe well around you. It wouldn't be surprising to see wild animals in their natural environment.If you are a adventurer at heart, the trails of the region will satisfy you. Snowmobilers who thirst for adventure and thrills will not be disappointed with the trip. Many trails are inaccessible by road, so you will be privileged to discover hidden and little known trails.

It's no longer a secret, Quebec has no shortage of good restaurants! For all the greedy , make your taste buds travel by tasting Quebec specialties. What could be better than a good poutine to regain strength after a sports day?

Other activities to know The possibilities for winter sports in Canada are endless. It is obviously possible to do other activities there in addition to snowmobiling. A multi-activity circuit is ideal for unforgettable memories. Just like the snowmobile, the sled Dog is a magical activity not to be missed. This type of experience will give you a feeling of total freedom. Under the control of your team, you will experience the satisfaction of making one of your childhood dreams come true.

You can also do r hiking or snowshoeing to discover the different national parks. In addition to being ecological, this activity is perfect for practicing it with the family. In Quebec, there are many landscaped and secure trails that are real playgrounds.

For a more unusual activity, you can try the ice fishing . It is an ancestral tradition which is carried out on the various lakes of the region.



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