So to help you make your next vacation a success, here's everything you need to know.


The ideal season

In Canada, the weather is very changeable at the beginning of the year. The snow and the cold (making the lakes frozen) arrive very quickly around December 20, so it's the perfect time to take full advantage of your roadtrip. I advise you to book a few months in advance because the month of January is very favorable to enjoy this impressive playground. Many Canadians take advantage of this period to book cabins. There are many more people in February but the season remains ideal and the month of March announces the end of the great cold. (it would be a shame not to be able to take the 120 km/h on a frozen lake).Do you want to go in February?Planet Ride has something to please you!

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Entry formalities

To enter Canadian soil, you must respect the country's legislation, namely hold a VISA for the majority of foreigners and an Electronic Travel Authorization (AVE) for nationals of countries exempt from VISA (France, Switzerland and Belgium). It is used in particular to discourage forbidden adventurers from trying to enter Canada.

The procedures for obtaining the AVE are done exclusively online, by filling out the dedicated form, available on various websites. However, it is strongly recommended to use the Canadian government site, which remains the most reliable of all. You will be charged a fee of 7 Canadian dollars. Once the form has been completed and sent, the response will be known within minutes or an hour.




A physical training

Far too many people think that you have to be an ace on the handlebars to be able to enjoy the pleasures of snowmobiling, but far from it. Every year, thousands of people come to Canada for their first skidoo… Indeed, the country with the maple leaf conceals accessible sites where the paths are flat and straight, and lend themselves perfectly to the initiation to the snowmobile. It is therefore not necessary to prepare physically for this kind of roadtrip.

Moreover, all snowmobile clubs begin their sessions with learning sessions. For the first kilometers, you will be supervised by certified trainers. You will be surprised by the extreme maneuverability of the machines, because for the majority of the models used in the tourist circuits, there are only two possibilities of maneuver: to move forward and to brake. After only a few minutes on the handlebars, driving the snowmobile becomes totally intuitive!

The Charlevoix region and the shores of the St. Lawrence River, with their easy trails and atypical landscapes, are among those places where it is good to learn snowmobiling. You will cross large snow-covered expanses, strewn with undergrowth and frozen water points… Very quickly, you will want to push a little more on the joystick to experience the real pleasures of driving and explore this territory of incredible beauty.

Once the skidoo is completely tamed, you will have no trouble swallowing the kilometers to get to must-see places such as the Laurentides wildlife reserve, L'Anse-Saint-Jean, Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs, not to mention the Saguenay.




Conditions for snowmobiling

First of all, be aware that snowmobiles are reserved for people aged 21 or over and who have a permit. The snowmobile can be driven with the French B license. This document must obviously be valid. The cylinder capacity of the mounts generally exceeds 600 cubic centimeters. For the snowmobiles of expert raiders, the engine reaches 900 cc. No worries ! The first time you get on a snowmobile, a supervisor or guide will give you a crash course in driving with a safety briefing. It will remind you of the country's traffic rules. Snowmobilers have their own sign language to communicate with each other. You need to learn them quickly before the hike. Example: if the lead rider raises his right hand, it means that all raid participants must stop.Nevertheless, snowmobiling is a sporting activity that involves a certain risk. Thus, a deposit will be requested before the start of the adventure. You can recover this excess in full at the end of your trip, if everything goes smoothly. Rest assured, snowmobile accidents are very rare and mechanical breakdowns will not be your responsibility.Please note: Passengers must be at least 16 years old.

We offer all types of roadtrips. Most are suitable for any type of person. For the more prepared, here is a stay that will not leave you indifferent.




Clothes to take

No snowmobiling without snow, so who says snowmobile circuit Canada necessarily says, travel in the cold. Your luggage must therefore contain everything you need to brave the season: “extreme cold” clothes such as coats, sweaters, hats, socks and mittens are in order! With suitable clothes that resist the cold and keep you warm, nothing will stop you from conquering the Canadian Far North during a snowmobile adventure.

Moreover, winter does not always mean humidity. Indeed, the cold can dry out the skin and lips. Therefore, bring moisturizer, sunscreen, and lip balm. Also don't forget sunglasses to protect your eyes from the blinding glare of the sun on the powder.

Generally, tour operators and rental agencies specializing in snowmobile raids Canada rent b equipment, clothing and accessories designed for sliding sports. Different formulas exist, but the most common consists of a package including a pair of boots, a safety helmet, large mittens, a parka and a "trousers".

An additional item of expenditure in the budget, of course. But the advantage is to be able to count on high quality sports equipment, which combines freedom of movement and comfort without encumbering you with equipment that you will only use once a year.


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