Fashion is snowmobiling. Imagine yourself browsing the beautiful landscapes of Lapland, surfing on the powder. The country of Santa Claus is the ideal place for the most fascinating raids; An original idea so for your next winter vacation!

Get ready, Lapland will make you discover some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Great North through a tour that you will not be ready to forget. Nowadays, holidaymakers are more and more fond of original experiences to decorate their holidays, and in winter, their gaze turns to the most snowy regions! Also the destination that becomes a real success is well the country of Santa Claus.
You can also find the travels that we offer in Lapland for an unusual experience in unfamiliar lands.

Let’s Go!

Planet Ride Lapland Snowmobile vehicle

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Such a trip is getting ready!

First of all, it is important to prepare your snowmobile raid in Lapland. Proper clothing is a characteristic not to be taken lightly, indeed in Lapland, temperatures fall easily below – 30 ° in February.

Our tips for facing the great cold:

The quality of the garments is paramount in a slightly extreme temperature situation. Merino wool-based thermal underwear is recommended to stay warm all day. The rest of the equipment remains similar to the ski clothing (fleece jackets present in specialized shops to attest to the quality, wool socks, waterproof footwear after-ski style, bonnet, gloves, integral combination…).

Snowmobile Raid Lapland Finland-en route to the Arctic

Driving a snowmobile, a challenge?

Driving a snowmobile it’s not that rocket science! Strict safety rules are obviously to be taken into account, but, B-only permit is necessary for the conduct of these devices. The presence of a guide is indispensable if you want to take full advantage of the wild scenery of Lapland enjoying the sensations provided by the driving of the snowmobile. The latter will also help you to familiarize yourself with your most amazing vehicle.

A thrilling journey

Away from the shadows of the coconut trees, you embark on an unusual adventure in a breathtaking setting. You glide through snowy forests and frozen lakes enjoying the calm of the Great North and its riches. You can enjoy the country of the aurora Borealis while carrying out many activities such as the white fishing or the visit to the village of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.

Planet Ride Lapland Snowmobile Aurora Boreale

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In short, do not hesitate and go to the conquest of the North for a journey which, we promise you, will remain unforgettable.

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