What is the best season to go to Lapland?

Shipments are from January to April. January and February are the coldest months, conducive to observing the aurora Borealis and flying in powder, the temperatures are low. In March and April the days become longer and warmer, the light intensifies and an immense and rich nature is offered to the curious. Each period offers a lot of surprise and wonder.

What are the winter temperatures in Lapland?

In Lapland, temperatures can go down to-40 °c during cold waves in January. But rest assured, even these temperatures are not insurmountable with good equipment if you respect the rules of clothing of the three layers, as seen previously in the article “The inevitable experience of this winter: snowmobile raid in Lapland”.

Moreover, these cold waves remain anecdotal, most of the time you will have to face temperatures of-20 °c,-25 °c at the coldest of the season. From March to April, the weather is much more lenient and you will be able to enjoy longer days much longer.

What should I take to go on a snowmobile raid?

In the travel suitcase, jackets and vacuum-packed jackets for space gain, during the raid your travel effects will remain at the base camp. For the snowmobile raid, we will choose 1 bag of small capacity 40 litres waterproof per person… type bags in coated fabric that you can find easily in sports shops in the boat, diving or kayaking department. It is possible to plan a backpack with 30 litres for the effects that are used all day easy to catch (the camera, the mittens, the thermos and the extra jacket).

Snowmobile Stay

Obviously as for any destination, one takes his favorite knife and his frontal torch, a meat bag, a ski mask suitable for those who wear glasses, a pair of fangs for the sauna and a good thermos, not forgetting the batteries of emergency because in the FR OID the autonomy is shortened. Small waterproof bags of coated cloth (no plastic that hardens with cold) to store the precious effects; Passport, credit card money, medications, phone, camera, etc… There are waterproof latex pouches for smartphones.

As for the clothing for your snowmobile stay in Lapland, do not be reluctant to spend, especially for children, who tend not to complain about the cold… If you want the cherub to enter with his 10 fingers, he will need serious gloves and mittens… The most important are the extremities: the head, the hands, the feet… wide sizes.

Are we going to see the aurora borealis?

It depends on several factors to start with the weather: If the time is clear and cleared there is more chance of noticing. Attention these are visible both during the day (from 6pm) and at night. In the choice of circuits, you should know that the Scandic Vision circuit is very focused landscapes or auroras with more stop for the photographers equipped.

As the cold tends to damage the skin, what should I bring?

Do not take any moisturizer because most contain water and it worsens the condition of the skin. Prefer Vaseline that does not contain water.

Do I need a visa for Lapland?

Finland being part of the European Union, for all EU nationals, a simple passport or identity card is sufficient. For nationals of non-EU countries, the Schengen visa.

What are the arrival airports to come to you?

Following the chosen circuit, the arrival airports are Kittilä or Ivalo. The national company is Finnair and it is necessary to provide a minimum of €300 for a round trip airfare booked in advance from Paris, and between 500 and €600 for later reservations. On the spot, the food as well as the drinks are very expensive so take your bottles and remember a budget for the souvenirs it would be a pity to return empty handed.

What about health insurance?

Consider applying for the European Health Insurance card, either online on your personal space or at your agency.

What about the means of transport?


In Lapland, the locals travel by snowmobile for small trips, often for a utilitarian purpose (eg: transport of wood) or by car equipped with studded tires. The tracks are marked in red. The off-piste is only permitted in the presence of a licensed guide.

Snowmobiles are simple in terms of piloting, accessible to all, forward/reverse, turn the handlebars, nothing simpler, no gears to pass! Go easy on the accelerator because some take off very quickly and it can be impressive the first time.

Lapland Snowmobile raid

Whether you are alone or with friends, the guidance of a guide is recommended, these are laid off by the water and drills office and authorized by the owners to cross the large ranches that cover the entire territory of Lapland.

I’ve never driven a snowmobile, is that a problem?

If you have never driven a snowmobile but are used to riding a motorcycle, you are welcome and even if you do not practice. The drive is accessible to all because of the simplicity of the vehicle (forward/reverse/brake).

Do I need a specific licence to drive a snowmobile?

The Finnish regulation is very strict regarding the driving of snowmobiles so you will have to have a B permit and be at least 18 years old. Minors are allowed to drive alone from the moment they are in accompanied driving and with their tutor.

Is there one type of snowmobile to be preferred over another for a Finnish snowmobile raid?

Snowmobiles are distinguished by their power and the ability to cross (powder, relief, drill). The choice of snowmobile will be based on the type of circuit.

What type of accommodation do we sleep in?

We are a small business and want to keep this family format. This is why we prefer friendly accommodation, like Hetan Majatalo in Hetta. Depending on the staff, it’s a bit of a map: the programs presented reflect the type of accommodation but this can vary depending on availability. For couples, private cabins are available in some courses.

Snowmobile Stay

Generally you will sleep in hotels, Trapper’s huts or at home. On the spot, no need for adaptor, the plugs are the same as in France. Depending on the circuits including those roaming, you can sleep in trappers ‘ huts or under tents like the nomads of these lands.

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5 good reasons to leave for a snowmobile adventure in Lapland

  1. The largest desert in Europe within reach of all.
  2. An immense and pristine nature
  3. Nights in shacks away from everything.
  4. Observing the Aurora Boreales
  5. When are we going back? (Excerpts from the guestbook)

For any other question, we will be available to answer them.

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