"Who rises early arrives at Fortune" (Turkish proverb)


That's it you're ready (mentally) to go for your snowmobile raid in Lapland, the program is chosen, you are finally in full and sure to leave all… and the tickets?


Snowmobile Finland

The price of the ticket is related to seasonality (school holidays, holiday periods etc.), getting ahead is a plus/asset in order to get the best rates. During school periods a period of five or six months in advance is a minimum required. On the other hand, out-of-period, count between 1 and 3 months. Prices constantly evolving, watching every day.

Tip: Reservations made during the night are less expensive.


Price Alerts 

According to our Internet experience, an alert = a mail = an junk mail. This alert is not always spam. It is interesting for you to be informed in real time of the evolution of prices.

A tip, download the Applications of mail boxes, this will allow you to be alerted immediately, mobile data activated obviously otherwise no use.

Today we are in an ultra-connected company and you have to take advantage of applications at your fingertips. In this sense, most companies also offer their application on smartphone (Android/Apple) and this saves you from having the concern of losing the boarding pass.


Last delay for late-comers

Taking your ticket at the last moment does not always mean paying more and can even rhyme with promotions. Below you will find two sites to help you find your last minute flight:


-Flight Exchange

The promos are also present on the website of the airlines. Be sure to read the terms of use, since these tickets are generally not redeemable or refundable, except for exceptions. The stopover time is relatively longer, from 5h to 10pm for some flights but good is the downside to be accepted to save.


The big start


Focus on flexibility

When you compare ticket prices, they can vary to a day or two days or even a few hours. That's why if you have the option to shift your departure do it and you will win.

And if you really have no visibility on your next holidays that in addition you are "overbooked", that even the trip may cancel, there is still the last minute option as we saw previously, to see if the luck is on your side.

In the simplest way, opt for off-peak hours. As for public transport, leaving early morning or late evening, there is no crowd! Do the same with the planes and you will win!



KITTILÄ Airport from France


FINNAIR – LUFTHANSA – AIR France (1-stop flight)

At the moment, there is no direct link between Paris-Kittilä (3h flight and GMT + 1h).

On the other hand, on 12 December 2017, the company will for the first time launch a direct flight from Roissy Charles de Gaulle-Kittilä, on a weekly flight every Tuesday until 20 March 2018.

In terms of price, in the first position we have FINNAIR company (around €300), in second place AIR France (€900) and third LUFTHANSA (< €1000). Again small reminder, these prices can evolve and an A/R of €300 is a very good rate so seize the opportunity before it is too late.


IVALO Airport from France     


FINNAIR – LUFTHANSA – AIR France (1-stop flight)


NB: The airports indicated above are indicative and concern only the raids carried out by our snowmobile specialist in Lapland, Philippe. In this regard, do not delay to set your dates, especially if you leave in group this is all the more complicated because everyone has to find his account.


Snowmobiling in Lapland


The companies


Bet on low-cost companies

For trips that do not require half a day, the low cost is the most successful solution for you.

If you want to compare the prices of the different airlines, there are online comparators to the example of LILIGO or SKYSCANNER, which surely you know.

Here is an example of the average price of airfare, starting from Paris following the season. You have the possibility on the site to change the airport of departure by other major cities such as Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille, Nantes…



Among the companies serving Finland, we have all these:

Finnair (AY)

British Airways (BA)

AirBaltic (BT)

Norwegian Air International (D8)

Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY)

With Norwegian, to get the best rate, book twice your ticket, in other words in two separate payments.


Lufthansa (LH)

Czech Airlines (OK)

Scandinavian Airlines (SK)


I found you a site that gives a classification of airlines according to the various criteria, you to judge:


-In terms of punctuality

Here we are talking about the average percentage of flights arriving per hour or less than 15 minutes late.

The best note, for the Lapland destination, comes back to………  FINNAIR 8, 0/10, followed closely by LUFTHANSA 7.9/10 which is tied with NORWEGIAN Air Shuttle. AIR FRANCE is coming right behind with a 7.6/10. At first glance, they are all good students! Note that the notes are a balance sheet over the last few months.


-In terms of quality of service

Here we talk about the quality of a company's services before and during the flight. The best score is tied to FINNAIR, AIR FRANCE and LUFTHANSA with a score of 8.0/10. NORWEGIAN As for it is placed in the last position with a score of 6.0/10.

In terms of comfort (legroom)

Comfort is an element that can change the deal at the time of booking. Among the criteria of comfort, half of the French consider the space for the legs as essential to their comfort during the flight. I have put below a summary of the report on the space for the legs according to the airline.

"My friend is often upgraded, I never, why?"

Who knows if in front of the gate, just before boarding, the hostess announces: "You have been upgraded". To this, we will not ask "why" but we will accept all smiles to head to the beautiful cabin in first class. This has already happened to me it is splendid for 1h30, too short! It is not every day and there are factors that can influence.




-Travelling alone can help, a place can be free at any time

-Travel during school holidays, February is the month indicated as being able to tip the balance on your side. I confirm it was in February. Here is a table representing the space for the legs according to the airline.

-point at the last moment in front of the boat doors (do not count too much risk to miss your flight and say goodbye to your snowmobile stay).


Airlines Eco class Premium class
Air France 78 cm to 83 cm 96 cm to 101 cm
Finnair Nc Nc
Norwegian 78 cm to 81 cm 115 cm
Easyjet 73 cm Nc
Lufthansa 78 to 81 cm 96 cm





Skyscanner has conducted a comparative study of the companies that offer the most legroom at the best price. The big winners are: Ryanair (0.95 €/cm ²), Easyjet (1,48 €/cm ²) and Transavia (2 €/cm ²).

The differences are also between short and long-haul flights: The longer the flight, the more likely you are to be seated more comfortably with cover, cushion and night mask. Go further next time?


The little ones that can make a difference

Free wifi on board at Norwegian. WiFi on board is possible with other company but can be free if and only if you are already a member of a loyalty program or in the best/worst case paying at €5 per hour.

A free baggage included with Finnair.

I give you a hard line to choose your company…


Your rights


Under the European Passenger Rights Regulation (EC261), as a passenger, as a citizen you have rights, and it is better to know them in certain unforeseen situations. I will mention a few you leave the pleasure to continue reading by going to the site in question.

Cancelled flight within the European Union:

  • Keep Boarding Card
  • Learn about the reason for the cancellation
  • Keep with you your cash receipts that are related to this cancellation
  • Ask for a hotel room if you have to pick up the next flight the next day.
  • See for a refund of tickets in case of cancellation if the following flight is not possible for you.

Delayed flight within the European Union:

  • Same procedure
  • See if compensation is possible

Damaged baggage:

  • Keep Boarding Card
  • Report the status of your baggage to the inspection before exiting the airport so that they can be repaired or replaced and complete the claim form.


I hope I have helped you in your research and if the hesitation is still there, go directly to the site AirHelp to study more in detail the ranking of the companies as well as your rights.


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