Snowmobile trip for an appointment with the unknown

Escape, unusual landscapes, natural curiosities, atypical creatures, legends of the end of the world, secular traditions and of course, adrenaline rush and driving sensations… From the Great north of Canada to the white immensity of Lapland, the discoveries and pleasures of the snowmobile are simply incomparable!

Even if you have never touched a handlebar of your life, it will also be an ideal opportunity to introduce you to an activity that mixes cheerfully new experiences and immersion in adventures. Among the seven wonders that one does only in the snow scooter, which tempts you the most?

Snowmobile RAID Finland

#7-the Aurora borealis Hunt

If you want to witness a truly exceptional show, the only advice we can give you is to conquer the polar territories by snowmobile to see an authentic aurora borealis. Surely you have heard about these colorful celestial waltzes that occur in the regions near the Earth’s magnetic poles.

The aurora Borealis or auroras are a delight: the peaceful night suddenly embraces nebulous veils tinted with green, blue, yellow, red or violet, creating a luminous ballet so fascinating that they inevitably assimilate them to Magic. Yet it is a natural manifestation, scientifically explicable. These clouds of colorful light are created simply when the solar particles, attracted by the magnetic field of the poles, collide with the oxygen and nitrogen contained in the Earth’s atmosphere. Still, these spectacles of rare beauty are one of the main reasons to leave for a snowmobile trip in Lapland or a skidoo raid in Canada.

The winter season where the nights are longer, especially the period between the equinoxes (21 September to 21 March) is the most suitable for observation, provided that the sky is clear and the view is free from pollution Light.


Both in its Norwegian (Finnmark) and Swedish (Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park) and Finnish (Urho Kekkonen National Park and the entire Ivalo region), Lapland concentrates an incredible number of aurora observation spots You can visit during a snowmobile stay in Lapland.


The Great White North also has excellent polar aurora observation points, to name only the “Land of the Midnight Sun”, Whitehorse in the Yukon, the charming city of Yellowknife, at the edge of the Arctic Circle, not to mention Wood Park Buffalo, Alberta. So many sites you can easily access by opting for a snowmobile expedition to Canada!

#6-White fishing on frozen lakes

Snowmobiling in Canada is good. To vary the pleasures with typical leisures of the country is even better! If there must be an essential activity to try absolutely, it would be the white peach. Rest assured, this is not a collective gathering of fruits, especially since the harvest of the peaches in Canada only begins in the summer…

White fishing refers to fishing on or rather under ice. It is therefore practised in winter, when the landscapes put on their white coats and the surface of the lakes, but also the streams are covered with frost and Harden because of the frost. Because contrary to what one might think, even if a huge ice has formed on the surface, the aquatic life does not stop for all that. Moreover, it is not uncommon to glimpse fish swimming nonchalantly, under the transparent ice layer. A true institution in Quebec, white fishing is a playful and cultural pastime that uses techniques inherited from secular Amerindian traditions.

You can learn about white fishing during a snowmobile adventure in Canada that plunges you into the vastness of the Laurentians, Saguenay or Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade… After learning how to pierce the ice with the auger and to handle the line at Brimbale, who knows, you may be able to measure yourself to the most skilled fishermen in one of the many white fishing contests organized throughout the province!

#5-to meet the last Trappers

If you are passionate about cultural history, a snowmobile stay in Canada in the footsteps of the last trappers will satisfy your curiosity. Also known as wood runners, trappers played a key role in the development of Canada, and more broadly in the American West, through the fur trade. Despite a substantial decline in the number of practitioners, the trap, i.e. the trapping of fur-bearing animals in a forest environment, continues to fascinate and nourish the human imagination.

Fortunately there are still some 20 000 Canadians perpetuating this ancestral practice, creating the possibility for the uninitiated to immerse themselves in a most singular way of life. If you are lucky enough to experience a snow scooter getaway in Quebec or Ontario, don’t miss the opportunity to meet the last trappers and discover their intimate and adventurous world. Indeed, for a true trapper, the fact of being able to round the ends of the month thanks to the sale of fur is only a bonus… The door is above all a passion, an art of living that requires to commune with a sometimes hostile environment, the forest, and to show both dexterity and insight to trap the beasts.

The time of a day or two, dare to adventure at the bottom of the woods, sometimes in a hut furnished with a rustic comfort (wood stove, wood furniture and animal skin, wobbly shelves to store traps…), sometimes in the middle of the forest, stalking beavers, otters, Fishers, and foxes…

#4-Discovery of Lapland, Kingdom of Santa Claus, beyond the Arctic Circle

Living the Christmas magic in a real white winter decor is a dream that we all do secretly… And this can become a reality for those who have the audacity to leave for a beautiful escape to snowmobile in Lapland!

The greatest number is convinced that it is on this immense territory which shares a bit of Russia, Sweden, Finland and Norway that Santa Claus has chosen to be domiciled. It would even be Finnish since it is in the north of Rovaniemi (Finland), located exactly on the Arctic Circle, that its village and… its office.  Hence the good-child atmosphere that reigns in winter despite the long and dark nights… In December, it is quite natural that the towns and villages of Lapland are at the time of the festivities: the markets plume the pristine landscape of their playful colours, the luminous decorations sparkle with a thousand fires, the festivities are Multiply and the spirit of Christmas is palpable at every doorstep…

And it is not to mention the ubiquitous reindeer, faithful steeds without which, Santa Claus could not make his distribution of gifts! Impossible to return from a snowmobile adventure in Lapland without falling back to childhood…

#3-Disconnect a moment away from all din, and be alone in the world such in “into the Wild”

Anyone who tries to escape from the routine and the hustle and bustle to return to nature and take a large bowl of fresh air can make a better choice than a winter snowmobile trip. Indeed, the snowmobile circuits around the world are designed and organized by adventurers in love with the gliding in remote areas of the planet, for several reasons: the poorly known and yet so rich indigenous cultures, the displacement, the Exuberant nature…

For the far north, be it Scandinavian or Canadian, also has this great: wild panoramas teeming with life revealing their extreme beauty in the midst of the icy cold, with a sound background, the melodious silence of the great air. Absolutely all the conditions are met to forget the time that turns and change the ideas!

Snowmobile RAID Finland

#2-See breathtaking landscapes that the common mortals only see in movies

To go on a snowmobile tour is to afford the opportunity to contemplate the beauty of an incredible environment. On their own, the sensations offered by driving a snowmobile are unique. But the fullness of the senses becomes complete when the humming of the engine and the speed are felt in an exceptional setting: to glide on the slopes covered with powder, to descend the steep slopes, to furrow the topped forests of snow, to follow the lakes And Frozen rivers, approaching the glaciers, crossing the fjords…

Whether you are looking for circuits discovered on the trails, a tour of the National parks (Canada like Lapland is an impressive number) or off-piste and sports raids in areas such as the Valins Mountains or the taiga, Rapture of the eyes will be at the rendezvous. By the way, feel free to mix the sensations by opting for a combined snowmobile and dog sled ride!

#1-Meeting with the Samis, people out of the ordinary

A snowmobile stay in Lapland is an opportunity to meet the only indigenous people still present on the old continent: the Sami. Their territory is established in the northernmost part of Finland, Norway and Sweden, and extends to the north-western region of Russia. Unfortunately, the Sami culture, although rich and captivating, is now threatened with extinction. Inari is one of the cities where linguistic and cultural heritages are still well-anchored and preserved. So if you are programming your winter holiday in Finland, an immersion in this community is necessary!

The ideal is to take a tour around the end of January-early February to attend the festival Skábmagovat, which celebrates the end of the polar night. The event that brings together a large crowd each year and which is the subject of folklore of all kinds, traces the history of the various indigenous peoples of the world, through film projections. And on February 6, let yourself be caught by the colorful parade of flags and “Gakti” (traditional clothes) that are out in honor of the National Day Sami!

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