Composed of 18 mountain peaks of more than 3000 metres, the Italian Dolomites were once considered impracticable. Protected by UNESCO, these mountain ranges are now reputed to be "the most beautiful architecture in the world".

Besides the fact that culture, architecture and gastronomy are distinguished from the north to the south of Italy, the northern region is full of mountain landscapes and undulating slopes crossing these lands where nature dominates. Renowned for its heights and valleys, the Dolomites are a most captivating mountain range in the country, especially for visitors who crave discovery. Frequently borrowed by hikers, cyclists or just curious, visiting the Dolomites is today a flagship destination for riders!


The history of the Dolomites Road

For centuries, the most beautiful places in the Dolomites have captivated the attention of many visitors without giving them access. Long inaccessible by the lack of road, the Dolomites were an obstacle on the road of travelers and commercials. Early work began in the 19th century to address this problem. Today, the Italian Dolomites are accessible for all, via its 110 km long road. Separating Cortina D'Ampezzo from Bolzano, the fabulous itinerary allows you to observe the most beautiful views of the Dolomites. Rich in bends, the route of the Dolomites offers exceptional sensations of ride and offers different angles of view to admire its heights!

But travelling on the road to the Dolomites is not a challenge for anyone! This itinerary at La Dolce Vita is ideal for adventure-hungry riders, where altitude and curves don't scare you. With these 18 mountain peaks, most of the climbs you will be doing are more than 2000 meters above sea level. But that says altitude says cold! The more you climb the heights aboard your two-wheeler, the more you will feel the freshness settle down. The weather in this region remains irregular: Snow can point the tip of his nose in summer, yes! So plan thick layers to overcome these temperatures. Once you ride through the valleys of the Dolomites, the heat will return. And if you want to go on the road to the Dolomites, avoid the end of June. During this time of year, this Italian road is entirely dedicated to cyclists for the day of Sella Ronda.

On your way, you can reach Cortina d'ampezzo, a ski statue in the Dolomites where you can watch Col Falzarego. Once you have crossed the pine forests of the Dolomites Road, do not forget to stop at Col Pordoi to contemplate the fabulous Mountains Sassolungo, Marmolada and Rosengarten. The view that awaits you at the top is worth a visit!

Our circuit on the road of the Dolomites

And if visiting the Dolomites tempts you, Planet Ride proposes you to leave 8 days, direction the north of Italy to discover this fabulous mountain range. Let yourself be seduced by the Italian culture, far from the tourist attractions and in close proximity to nature!

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