The Django Adventure continues in the heart of Asia, and Samuel and Ambroise, our two intrepid riders, have been riding scooters from Thailand to Vietnam!

Recently, Samuel and Ambroise have taken a major step: crossing the border between Thailand and Burma. In fact, on 13 October, the King of Thailand had died, causing a gigantic national mourning. After a reign of 70 years, the death of Bhumibol Adulyadej, a true emblem of the country, devastated the local population. It is difficult for our two adventurers to find themselves in a grieving country and to cross its borders while all the institutions are closed.

A longer stop than expected so in Thailand where Samuel and Ambroise were able to admire the temples and the wonderful landscapes of this most popular country.

After a few days there, they went through Burma and went to Laos for the rest of the adventure.

Their fearsome Peugeot scooters have journeyed on the roads and slopes of eastern Asia, to the rhythm of the screeching of their tires on the sand crystals of hilly slopes.

The final goal is increasingly approaching, every kilometre, Ho Chi Minh and the Motor Show are in sight, and Ambroise and Samuel are more than ever motivated to achieve this.

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