“The desire to find the rhythm of the Pizzica in Galatina, the marine scents of Gallipoli, the lighthouse of Santa Maria di Leuca, the olive trees, the smell of summer evenings, the unique taste of the pita… I am about to plunge back into Salento, this parcel of Italy located in the heel of the boot.

This time it will be a trip to two, I will be accompanied by a Vespa. In the manner of Nanni Moretti, in Caro Diario, I go to mop along the Adriatic coast. The Vespa is a way to rediscover these landscapes in another day.

When I arrive at Otranto, I go to meet Ivan. I had contacted him on the Internet before going on an adventure. He wanted to get rid of his Vespa. Bingo, I stumbled upon a gold case! Her little wonder had accompanied her all her youth and it is now with me that she will continue her journey!

From Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca, accompanied by a Vespa

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Backpack on the shoulders, I decide to stay at Otranto the first night to take the time to get acquainted with my new friend. Dressed in a red paint, it fits perfectly with the colorful landscape of southern Italy. Getting Started was a pleasure, Ivan was really taking care of it. I spend the rest of my day strolling through the small alleys of Otranto, riding my Vespa. The first sensations are the best. This light breeze on the face, these smells of cooking, the brightness that gently drops on the cathedral of Otranto, where I will also go for a ride tomorrow before my departure. I was strongly advised!

Planet Ride Otranto Santa Maria Leuca Vespa

Destination Porto Cadisco! The feeling of freedom invades me, the adventure really begins! The pictures of the seashores are scrolling before my eyes. Arrival in Porto Madisco I decide to make a stop to nibble a tip on the beach edge. I’m leaving for Santa Cesarea Terme. The more I ride, the more I appreciate his company! I dreamed of this little ride on the handlebars of my Vespa! After a few breaks to enjoy the scenery, I finally reached Santa Maria di Leuca, the ultimate destination!

A long blue expanse is drawn at a loss of sight. We are at the end of the country but also of the ballad. After a night in the city, I take the road to Tuglie, the small village where I spend my vacation and where I am expected. My Vespa will accompany me throughout my stay. I tell you very quickly for a new destination! ”

Chloe Frézières for Planet Ride

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