In this week’s article we will present you a selection of the 5 best circuits to travel in Europe to less than 1000 € that Planet Ride offers you.

With its multitude of cultures, landscapes and roads, Europe will never cease to amaze us. After every bend can hide a breathtaking view, a small reclusive village in the mountains or a silver sand beach with turquoise water. You never really know what wonders the road can reserve for us before you have rolled it yourself. This top 5 includes some of the most beautiful circuits for a motorcycle road trip in Europe, all at a reduced price. Make your motorcycle roar on the asphalt and explore the roads that ply the different countries of Europe. Let yourself be carried away by the exhilaration of freedom that characterizes the motorcycle trip so well and return home full of stars and free spirit.

1 / Portugal and Andalusia

The Iberian Peninsula is an ideal destination for a motorcycle trip in Europe. It promises riders on the roads that Portugal and Spain have the best. With Planet Ride, leave Porto for a 10-day motorcycle road trip and drive more than 2000 kilometers to the south to discover the wonders of Andalusia and Portugal. Granada, Seville, Cadiz, explore the major cities of Andalusia with typical Hispanic architecture. Browse the peninsula’s countryside on your motorbike and enjoy the sights of its different regions and the unparalleled hospitality of its inhabitants.

2 / Italy: Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the cradles of Italian gastronomy, it is also the starting place of the Renaissance. This region of Italy, filled with history, awaits the riders who are ready to take its routes to discover its exceptional heritage. From the dirt roads in the middle of the vineyards, to the paved roads of Florence and through villages nestled in the hills, diversity in the landscape is present. This circuit meets all the criteria of the perfect motorcycle trip in Europe; 1200 kilometers of pure ride in an iconic region of Italy and full of life.

3 / Sicily: Etna & Valley of temples

Who says a trip to Europe says Italy, and says Italy says Sicily. Planet Ride offers you a tour of the island in 9 days for a total distance of 1500km. Discover the wonderful Valley of the Temples, a place full of history, founded in the 5th century BC by the Greeks. Cross the Sicilian countryside through turns and ride in the footsteps of a thousand-year-old civilization. Join Mount Etna, the highest volcano in Europe still active and sleep on the flank of this colossus of nature. Stroll along the coast of Sicily on the back of your bike to appreciate the softness of the marine winds coming from the Mediterranean.

4 / Romania

For the rest of this top 5 on motorcycle road trips in Europe to less than 1000 €, we chose Romania. This country of South-East Europe is only too little recognized by the general public as being a travel destination. Yet she has much more to offer than one could imagine. The mythical Transfagarasan route through the Carpathians leads to spectacular valleys and coniferous forests as far as the eye can see. As you can see, going on the roads of Romania is especially a way to escape to the heart of nature … But not that! Planet Ride also takes you to the discovery of Bran Castle, better known as Dracula, to discover its mysterious history. You can also visit Bucharest, the capital, and its Palace of Parliament, the second largest building in the world.

5 / Ireland

It was not possible to conclude this top 5 on the trip to Europe without mentioning Ireland, land of legends. A circuit of 1600 kilometers for a duration of 9 days: this is what you have concocted Planet Ride. From Dublin, the circuit makes a stop in Cork before going along the Atlantic coast, a legendary route on which we find the inevitable of the island. Ride freely along huge cliffs or sandy beaches, admire the Atlantic Ocean or the West Coast mountain ranges, you will never have time to get bored in Ireland. Go explore the famous Connemara and its peat bogs and contemplate the cliffs of Moher on which the waves break. In the evening, enjoy the unique atmosphere of Irish pubs and the warm welcome of the islanders.

So we do this motorcycle trip in Europe? Discover all the circuits that Planet Ride proposes you on our site. Do not hesitate to request a free quote for more information. Good ride!

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