Want to experience a new adventure full of sensations in an incredible setting? Then fly to South America and travel one or more mythical roads of this wide continent. Surprising landscapes as well as a strong culture anchored in societies will make your road-trips a unique and memorable souvenir! Let’s discover the craziest South American motorcycle trips that Planet Ride offers you for a Latin America road trip that will remain engraved in your memories.

1/The mythical route of the Incas

Go to the conquest of Peru by Criss the roads to the handlebars of your bike to discover the Inca civilization, a Quechua people who built its empire in South America. The route of the Incas is a mythical road that will give you many surprises over the kilometers that you will travel on motorbike for exceptional sensations. On your Motorcycle trip South America, you will have the chance to make many encounters with the very endearing local population that will deliver you the secrets of his country as well as wild animals such as llamas for a total immersion in full Heart of the Peruvian region. Take the winding and earthy roads with your Kawasaki KLR 650 to meet the Andes mountains. Total displacement during your adventure in Peru.

2/The legendary route 40 in Argentina

Another mythical route from South America is the famous 40 road located in Argentina. 5000 kilometers long, it is one of the longest roads in the world. Planet Ride’s tour is on the handlebars of a specially modified Harley Davidson scrambler to allow you to climb the highest pass in the country. At the start of the Bolivian border, you will follow the Andes mountain range by Moto Scrambler for an incredible discovery of the western part of the country of Maradona during your motorcycle trip South America. You will be able to go through amazing and unique natural sites that will make you unsure. Amerindian archaeological Sites, vineyards, colonial villages as well as llama breeding grounds will be part of your travel itinerary. Feel free to drink a nice warm mate during your breaks while admiring the sumptuous scenery that will reveal this road during your Latin America road trip. You will be immersed in the heart of the Argentine wonders.

3/travel to Moto Enduro through the jungle and mountains of Costa Rica

If you are looking for beautiful sensations in the heart of Latin America, opt for this road trip in Costa Rica between tropical jungle and mountain landscapes. This small country is renowned for its idyllic beaches, volcanoes and diversified natural biodiversity. Aboard your enduro bike, you will discover the incredible landscapes of a country where the local population lives in the rhythm of nature. Find the perfect balance between ride, Discovery and encounter to make the most of this South American motorcycle trip that will dazzle you and remain etched in your memories.

4/Chile’s southern route to Argentina

Let’s continue this discovery of the road-trip Latin America with the southern route. Along its 1240 kilometers, you travel this mythical road by motorbike. You will be able to discover and admire the diversity and the beauty of the Chilean landscapes. From mountains to lakes to glaciers and volcanoes, this road has everything to make you dream a little more over the miles travelled on Chilean slopes. On your journey you can discover many national parks, nature reserves and turquoise-blue lakes. Go to meet the local people who will reveal the treasures of their country.

Do not hesitate, prepare your bag and go and discover the mysteries of your destination South America. ¡ Hasta Luego!

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