The start is approaching big step for the red bird! As a reminder, this avid motorcycle and travel writer-photographer launches his new project, the Red Bird. Sébastien Fantini’s goal is to travel South America on a motorcycle trip and produce a series of media documentary about traditional South American music and dances.

To carry out this project, this passionate rider had launched a participatory fundraising campaign and were looking for partners to collect all the necessary equipment and funding.

In partnership with Suzuki France, EMC suspensions and SW Motech, the Red Bird has recently been able to receive its partner for this epic journey: a Suzuki 250 Vstrom motorcycle, ready to vrombrer its engine!

Today, Sébastien Fantini is always looking for partners to transport the bike and audio equipment. The red Bird will take off on 3 October 2018 direction Uruguay for 40 days.

Throughout this 6-month motorcycle trip, Planet Ride accompanies the red bird in this motorized voyage dedicated to the artistic cultures of South America. Stay Connected!

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