The Enduro is a practice that allows to run down the most technical roads with an all terrain motorcycle, guaranteed sensations to the key. This discipline is considered a sport in its own right and is practised in leisure but also in competitions where pilots who are not afraid of anything clash in an intense race in search of a victory. These competitions are appreciated by the most competitive riders who prefer the adrenaline of frantic racing. Nevertheless, you may as well link tourism, adventure and sensations by finding the perfect destination for a road-trip in Enduro. Planet Ride offers on its website the destinations that must be for adventurers in search of a unique experience.

What will be your favorite destination among our selection of these enduro circuits?

1/Laos: Between surprising landscapes and endearing local population

Here is a first circuit for a motorcycle road trip in a country where the quiet force reigns between mountain ranges, encampment of local tribes and Buddhist temples. Go to the conquest of Laos by riding your enduro bike through the slopes in the heart of the Asian country. Explore this country that is full of many mysteries. The best way to learn more about Lao culture is to go to the local ethnic groups that live in an ancestral way of life. The local ethnic groups are divided into four large families. They differ in their customs, their language and even their religion, which shows the very strong cultural richness of Laos. You will discover an authentic country that has managed to preserve its traditions despite a globalisation growing globally. Over the kilometers on the land slopes, take pleasure in the handlebars of your enduro in the direction of the most beautiful Laotian landscapes. Between valleys, rice fields in the middle of the mountains and banana plantations, Laos reserves a diversity of landscapes that will amaze you during your adventure in Enduro. It is a surprising country where the calmness and serenity of nature overlook the high mountains.

2/In the heart of the Rican jungle

Costa Rica, this small Central American country, is so surprising by its natural resources that the local population strives to preserve day after day. How about discovering Costa Rica during an enduro circuit? The word that might well qualify this country is diversity. Indeed, the climate, vegetation and landforms vary according to the Costa Rican regions. A good argument to visit this country from north to south passing through the most beautiful trails. Costa Rica is famous for its idyllic beaches, volcanoes and lush, atypical vegetation. You will be immersed in a pure and natural atmosphere that will relax you during your moment of escape in the heart of the rainforest covering a large part of the country. The Enduro bike will be your best companion to travel the most technical paths in order to reach mysterious places. So you understand, a getaway in the middle of nature with exceptional sensations awaits you.

3/The discovery of the Canadian nature

Located between the United States and the polar Circle, Canada is a very attractive country with its hidden wonders amid the great wilderness and national parks that harbor beautiful lakes. Enjoy the beauty of these great Canadian spaces through the trails you can walk on the handlebars of an enduro bike. In Canada, you will have the chance to find fabulous courses famous for the practice of enduro. To awaken the adventurer who sleeps in you. Turn after turn, refuge after refuse, you will enjoy criss the Canadian ways to discover your haven of peace. Immerse yourself in the heart of Canadian culture by meeting the local people who will tell you some sympathetic anecdotes about the land of the caribou with the soft Canadian accent.

4/Explore the Colombian coastline

Here’s a new road trip on a motorcycle. You may not have thought about it but Colombia is also a land where it is possible to practice the enduro, and in addition along the coasts to the airs of paradise. A little relaxation between two tracks in order to combine sensation and escape during this motorcycle road trip. If you only want to experience exceptional sensations, go along the Colombian coast without stopping, you will not regret it. From the Tayrona National Park, a must-have in northern Colombia, at the Salins de Mana, you will be plunged into surprising landscapes. A getaway in the desert will allow you to live a unique experience, remount The dunes is a real delight for fans of all-terrain motorcycles.

Between rolling paths and more technical tracks, take pleasure on the roads of Lost paradise. The sensations will be at the rendezvous! So, tell us everything, what is your favorite destination? There are also other circuits available in other beautiful countries. Feel free to find all the circuits in Enduro on our website.

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