Which biker has never dreamed of traveling to the most beautiful places on the planet, to ride the wild areas of a faraway country on motorcycles?

Driving in Kenya on motorcycles is all this and more. To make Kenya on a motorcycle is to cross at the turn of the slopes a fauna rich in spectacular landscapes. Travelling to Kenya on motorcycles is to meet the local people and its traditions at the end of the endless slopes of the savannah and the bush…

Planet Ride offers you a motorcycle trip to Kenya with Fred, our specialist partner based in Mombasa. It has been installed in Kenya since 1998 and makes you travel in full serenity and adventure on Honda 250 XR.

Kenya on motorbike, an adventure in the heart of the African savannah

In Kenya the distances are not necessarily large, but the ride on the slopes is always slower than on the road. You always have to open your eyes and stay attentive to obstacles (zebras, giraffes, antelopes…). Travelling to Kenya on motorcycles It is therefore often long days of riding on tracks of all types: sand, stone, earth and laterite. The bike in Kenya is also quite a lot of off-piste that will leave you memorable travel memories! Here is some information and travel tips to understand the destination Kenya and to get a good grasp of the trip.

What bike for a trip to Kenya?

To travel the Kenyan trails on motorcycles do not hesitate long. With circuits that often represent 95% of runways and off-road, you are very clearly consulting an enduro bike!

Fred, the specialist partner of Planet Ride in Kenya, proposes to leave on his 250cc Honda XR, 4-stroke motorcycles with electronic ignition. The 250cc XR are reliable and manageable enduros, suitable for riders of all levels to explore Kenyan wilderness areas.

Lightweight, reliable and simple, they allow the mechanic to quickly repair in case of breakdown and to pass everywhere even in case of rain and loose terrain. Some of Fred’s Honda XR 250 CC’s already have kilometers on the counter but they are reviewed before and after each trip. In 2014 Fred changed half his fleet and the suite is coming soon.

Fred loves them, he can also tell you if you ask for a quote here.

Turkana Lake, motorcycle raid in Kenya with Fred and Planet Ride

Nguruman Escarpment, on your motorcycle trip to Kenya with Fred and Planet Ride

What kind of trip to Kenya on a motorcycle?

While a very small number of technically and adventurously confirmed bikers will prefer to do without a guide for riders with a map and GPS, the best way to travel by motorcycle in Kenya is to travel with a local guide experienced in small groups or With friends.

Joining or creating a group to travel to Kenya on a motorcycle is undoubtedly the best way not to miss the riches of Kenya.

Before you propose to join a group or create one with your friends, Fred, the specialist partner of Planet Ride in Kenya, will test and check your technical knowledge, the number of flying time you have on the counter and your physical capacity To make a particular trip.

According to these criteria, Fred will offer you a suitable circuit and more or less long stages, it will add you to a group of the same level or will offer you a trip exclusively built for you and your friends.

Go with your regular companions or join a group, motorcycle adventure is often worth sharing!

Travelling by motorcycle in Kenya, discovering the territory and the People

When traveling to Kenya on motorcycles, the choice of the season is paramount to make the most of the wealth of Wildlife and territories to explore. The monsoon period, from mid-April to mid-June, is not recommended for motorcycle travel. Fred suggests that winter is the way to travel in the Southwest and summer to go to the southeast, its favourite destinations, to track animal migrations.

Planet Ride’s favorite destinations for a motorcycle trip to Kenya

The two major regions of Kenya advised by Fred have very varied climates, landscapes and fauna. Let’s take a look at these two regions of Kenya.

South West Kenya has very different types of climates and landscapes. At the western end the climate is tropical, coming inward and to the south we encounter climates of the savannah and mountain type with important reliefs.

Elephants met on the slopes of Kenya, on your motorcycle trip with Fred and Planet Ride

 Thomson Gazelles from Masai Mara, on your trip to Kenya with Fred and Planet Ride

Nature in the South West offers many remarkable landscapes: The Lakes region, the volcanoes north west of Nairobi… Not forgetting the vast plains of the Masai Mara Reserve in the valley of the Mara River, land of savannah which houses a very rich and exotic fauna: elephants, wildebeest, cheetahs, giraffes and all the rest of the cast of the Lion King.

The South east of Kenya also offers areas of savanna and mountainous landscapes, but also semi-arid lands with the rarest vegetation on the east End, near the Indian Ocean and its white sand beaches. The wildlife and landscapes of the South East are just as rich and spectacular. There are many lakes with lots of wild birds, parks and reserves such as the Amboseli, which faces Kilimanjaro and culminates on the other side of the Tanzanian border.

In the park Amboseli at the foot of Kilimanjaro, during your trip to Kenya to Word with Fred and Planet Ride

Kenya, Cradle of humanity and tribal territory of East Africa

If Kenya, crossed by the great Rift Valley, has undoubtedly witnessed the first days of mankind, it is now a central territory of the cultural and ethnic diversity of East Africa. In Kenya there are many tribes that you can enjoy the traditions of during the meetings of your motorcycle trip. Small lighting on three of these tribal groups:

Kikuyu: The main tribal group in Kenya, people of Bantu origin, live mainly in the region of Mount Kenya and in Nairobi. The Kikuyu are first of all a farmers ‘ people and today one of the most economically influential ethnic groups in Kenya.

Kikuyu tribal Dance on your motorcycle trip to Kenya with Planet Ride and Fred

Maasai: If the Maasai people, of Nilotic origin, are far from being the most important tribal group in Kenya, it is known all over the world to live in the main Kenyan nature reserve areas. Breeders and warriors, they are also present in Tanzania.

Maasai woman, on your trip to Kenya on an all-terrain motorcycle with Fred and Planet Ride

Samburu: Tribal Group of Nilotic origin, the Samburu live in central Kenya, south of Lake Turkana. They are close to the Maasai of culture and language. They are, like them, very well known outside of Kenya and present in Western popular culture. They are traditionally semi-nomadic breeders.

Tribe Samburu, on your trip to Kenya on Moto with Fred and Planet Ride

Fred, Planet Ride motorcycle specialist Partner in Kenya

Fred discovered Kenya on humanitarian trips with Doctors Without Borders. Passionate about engines, he decided to stay in this country with no equivalent and to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure. In 1998 he mounted his own local agency in Kenya offering personalized safaris and motorcycle tours.

Perfect connoisseur of the area and expert repairs in the bush, Fred is the ideal guide selected by Planet Ride to make you discover Kenya in complete serenity.

We interviewed Fred when he joined the Planet Ride platform, you’ll find the interview in text.

Travelers who know Fred often describe him as a real professional, flexible, good advice and reliable, sincere and sympathetic. For example, in 2003, Karine Magrand, famous for her trip to Royal Enfield between Delhi and Paris in 1997, described Fred as “a friendly road companion” and “a world champion of air chamber repair in hostile conditions”.

Fred, Planet Ride Specialist partner in Kenya for all-terrain motorcycle trips

Motorcycle circuits recommended by Fred, the partner specialist Planet Ride in Kenya

-Grande flaw and Masai Mara in the south west of the country, discovering the wild areas passing through the volcanic lands, lakes Elementeita and Magadi and the reserve Masai Mara

-Masai track of Kilimanjaro in southeastern Kenya, between the highlands of Nairobi and the savannahs of Kilimanjaro, passing through the reserves of Ambodeli, Tsavo and Taito to end on the white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.

See all of Fred’s motorcycle travels in Kenya

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