Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Jean-François, I live in Guatemala and I offer motorcycle trips with my agency since 2013.

Why did you choose this country to settle?

I chose Guatemala because it has incredible landscapes, indigenous populations and a unique scenery. This is the perfect country to travel on motorcycles.

Mountains on your trip to Guatemala on motorbike with planet ride

Does your agency present a peculiarity to other agencies in the territory?

We do not have local competitors in the motorcycle sector. We try to offer circuits that allow our riders to discover everything that can be interesting to see in Guatemala through paths of traverse in a relaxed atmosphere with a professional framing.

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What’s your story? How did you come up with motorized travel?

I am a long time biker and owner of a tour operator. I decided to marry the two activities and share my double passion for the bike and Guatemala by proposing trips on motorcycles.

On which machine do the riders turn when they travel with you and Planet ride?

During my motorcycle trips to Guatemala, riders use Royal Enfield or BMW GS.

Trip to the Royal Enfield in Guatemala with Planet Ride

Why this choice of gear?

I chose the Royal Enfield for the vintage look, relax, different ride. The GS, for their part, are used for the touring aspect, indestructible and versatile machines. They are therefore suitable for all types of local roads in Guatemala.

What makes a trip to Guatemala a must for you?

What makes a motorcycle trip to Guatemala must be the breathtaking landscapes, the contact with the indigenous populations, the fact that there is little tourism in general and even less tourism on motorcycles. Every day we create unforgettable memories!

Women's Costumes on your trip to Guatemala on motorcycles with planet ride

For you, what is the real difference between a simple trip and a motorized trip?

A simple trip makes it possible to discover a very beautiful country on quite marked paths, without too much this epic aspect that gives a motorcycle trip. The road-trip makes it possible to get out of the beaten path completely, to make amazing encounters, to live an adventure with a high degree of supervision and security while having greater freedom of movement.

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What is the biggest benefit to making a motorized trip to Guatemala?

There are many advantages to making a motorcycle trip to Guatemala: the possibility to go out of the beaten path, to take cross-country trails, to sink into the heart of regions where a traditional journey will remain more limited.

What’s your favorite place?

The place I prefer in Guatemala is the Altiplano.


What’s your best memory of wrinkle?

My best memory is the contact with the locals, always surprised by a biker in the middle of nowhere, as long as this one is respectful.

A word to the future Planet riders?

Guatemala on Moto is 100% different from any destination. It is a framed adventure, which leaves encounters, traces, images and incomparable memories.

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