Clément Defoames is one of the co-founder of Planet Ride. Alongside Alex Zurcher and Baptiste bro, he is the web strategy and the Shadow Man of the website and relations with the specialist partners of Planet Ride. Clément Defoamers has been working in tourism (production, communication, marketing and web) for 10 years. In 2013, when he left his marketing manager position at Shanti Travel, he decided to join the Planet Ride team in order to create the only connecting platform for motorized travel. Find out below his interview.

What do you do with your life when you’re at work?

My main job is to create the marketing and communication strategy of Planet Ride. I choose new partnerships, create new communication campaigns and ensure the administration and development of the website and the software used by the specialist partners. My typical day boils down to: Code the website, call partners and spend time on Excel. This is not the sexiest job in the world described like this, but the parts of graphic design and understanding of the expectations of Planet riders are exciting.

What do you do with your free time?

My free time… uh, sorry? What free time? …
The little free time that I give, I spend it in cinema or on a trip. I’ve been living in India for three years now. This country is so big that my last travels are all about discovering the remote areas of India.

When I was living in Portugal last winter, my free time was devoted to surfing, hiking and cycling. I chose not to have a motorcycle or a car. But I had the chance to do regular walks with a watch Pyang Yang generously lent by friends.

What do you drive every day?

It depends on my mood, the circulation and my motivation. Driving to New Delhi is not always a bliss or an anti-stress (on the contrary). So on the days of traffic, I drive a Royal Enfield 350cc Machismo 1996 with speed exchanger on the right (old-fashioned) and by lazy Day, I drive a tiny Suzuki Zen that sneaks everywhere.

Why have you been tempted by Planet Ride?

Starting from Shanti Travel, Alex and Alex immediately offered to join the project as Marketing and technology director. Planet Ride It was the perfect opportunity to work with people I appreciate on a project that was going to hit!

Why do you think Planet Ride will please?

First of all I do not think, I know! Planet Ride will appeal to three types of travelers: enthusiasts of a certain type of vehicle, road-trippers and a wider audience of travelers wishing to discover destinations in a different way.

The enthusiasts, these people who live for the practice of their favorite vehicle will love the travels offered by the Partners specialists Planet Ride. Most of our partners have practiced a high-level vehicle and know how to choose the itineraries to satisfy the adventurers.

Then, the lovers of road-trips, like Baptiste and me, will be seduced by the multitude of destinations and types of vehicles proposed on the site What could be more simple than planning a road trip with the professionals of this type of trip?

Finally, families, couples or groups of friends, without being fans of a particular vehicle, will be seduced by the number of trips discovered that we offer. Indeed, some countries require the use of a 4×4, a quad or a snowmobile to access the best places! For them, it will always be better to travel with Planet Ride than to join a group tour organised by bus or minibus; The vehicle allows you a total independence and a true freedom!

How do you see Planet Ride in two years?

The dream of all the partners planet ride is to see Planet Ride become the leader in the sale of road-trips and motorized adventures in France, Belgium and Quebec. But my dream is especially to see more travelers satisfied with the services of Planet Ride and the network of specialist partners.

Your favorite travel experience?

As far as I can remember, my last favorite trip is the one I made in Portugal, on foot. It was only three days, but I will never forget these breathtaking coastal landscapes, virgins of all human activity and so relaxing.

And if not, my funniest travel experience took place in China. I was on the train from Xian to Hanzhong (where I ate the best sauteed noodles of my life, stuck between two mufflers, sitting next to a tricolor fire) and I was looking at my backpacker’s Guide and my card written in English, Mandarin and pinyin. After a few minutes, plus a noise, no one in the compartment… weird. When I realized new noises in my back, I realized that all the people on the wagon were standing behind me, looking at the map with astonished eyes. I quickly understood the reason for their surprise and astonishment: Yes, yes, you don’t dream, half of my card is written in Chinese. We can read the same document…

After this experience that greatly facilitated the conversation, I was invited by three people to come “here” (pointing the map and giving me a name in Chinese). Unfortunately, China was in the midst of flooding and all the points of the finger were very much to avoid.

Where was your last road trip?

The most recent (I think) is Ireland. This is not necessarily the most original but one of the most beautiful and enjoyable to ride. To recap: reservation of the plane tickets at the last moment, renting the car directly on the spot (with the galleys that leads to not foresee anything in advance: First Blue Card that does not work, second that does not accept the threshold to be blocked), Search of bed and breakfast evenings after night (considerable loss of time) but the WOW was huge. When you find yourself driving all day between lunar landscapes, incredible cliffs and peat fields that remind the Scottish Highlands, it’s just happiness. A week later we had done all the Ring of Kerry and a good tip of the south West coast of Ireland.

What can you wish for Planet Ride?

A long life and a lot of travelers!

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