Baptiste Brother is one of the co-founders of Planet Ride. Alongside his associates Alex Zurcher and Clément Defoames, he is the general manager of the start-up and the guarantor of the viability and sustainability of the Planet Ride project. A lover of adventure and a born leader, Baptiste is not at his trial and has three years of entrepreneurial adventure on several fronts. We let you discover his interview:

What do you do with your life when you’re at work?

I always start my day with one to three cafes, while taking a look at the important aspects that I need to focus on. My to-do-list and my calendar are undoubtedly the tools I use the most to not lose the thread of major important topics.

After my lunch I often give myself a break digestion to go around the news of the industry (travel, tourism, new technologies). This tour of the horizon is often refreshing, especially when Excel (my faithful squire!) remained lit a little too long.

The most exciting part of my work is the meetings with the team and all the amazing network that revolves around Planet Ride. There are so many “passionate enthusiasts” in all the fields I have the chance to rub shoulders with!

What do you do with your free time?

I dissect the newspaper the team on my terrace, I garden and take care of my plants while trying to find which mix of water/sun/potting is most suitable for each of them. In my spare time I peinturlure colored stains on canvas (try, it decompresses!).

More than anything, with my beloved we love to start dreaming about our next trip to the end of the world and remake the world with the Buddies around a good Gueuleton!

What do you drive every day?

Royal Enfield, when you hold us…

Why have you been tempted by Planet Ride?

The fact that my great friend Alex Zurcher, founder of Vintage rides and with whom I already share a beautiful entrepreneurial adventure is the initiator of the project was already in itself a trigger of my belief that Planet Ride is a nice project.

Then by meeting the other members associated with the start-up and feeling their passion, there was no doubt about the team’s ability to complete the project.

Finally, how not to fall in love with all these beautiful road-trip trips all over the world, organized by passionate specialists that Planet Ride seeks to discover?

Why do you think Planet Ride will please?

The road trip is a growing travel trend. The need to escape from a daily life certainly exciting but often stressful only enhances this need to travel in freedom, discovering magical destinations while remaining an actor of his adventure.

Planet Ride, while being a technological concept in itself, seeks to convey this emotion of the free and unconstrained traveller.

How do you see Planet Ride in two years?

The online reference of the motorized adventure with a growing number of Planet riders!

A start-up full of promises, constantly looking for the best specialists and the most beautiful road-trip travel!

Your favorite travel experience?

A new destination, landscapes still unknown, adventure, a good dose of glandouille, unusual meetings…

Where was your last road trip?

A tour of Italy (Tuscany and Piedmont) with my dulcinea in the car, the tent in the trunk and the backpacker in the pocket.

What can you wish for Planet Ride?

To find a viable model for us as well as for all our specialist partners, while at the same to make all our travelers dream and to give pleasure to our team.

Especially having this ability to move forward while constantly bouncing back on the challenges that await us, all with a point of organ given to the quality of the services offered and the travel experiences offered.

I wish Planet Ride a beautiful epic at the wheel of a nice and innovative web platform!

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