Cosmo connected

Biker friends, we have found you an innovation that should reassure your loved ones and yourself!

Your loved ones keep harping on the fact that the bike is dangerous? Your girlfriend makes the pout when she sees you moving away on your car? Have you ever had an accident and think we're never too careful?

Cosmo connectedCosmo connected, a French start-up, decided to market a stop lamp connected: it is a stop lamp that attaches to the back of the helmet and lights up as soon as the bike decelerates. But that's not all! In case of shock, an alert procedure is triggered with the sending of an SMS and a call on the smartphone of the biker … If no response is given and the GPS on the user's smartphone does not signal any movement, a call for help is made automatically by an operator with the medical information about the user.

Cosmo connected


This connected fire has a battery that can last eight hours and recharges by USB port. It is connected to a smartphone application and lights up when the rider idles, making it more visible to other road users since it is at the height of their eyes. In addition the fire stays on all the time, or in "warning" mode according to the setting, making the biker visible in all conditions. The device weighs only 150 grams, attaches with a magnetic fastening system and fits on any headphones!

Cosmo connectedAnother feature of the application is to share your trips with your loved ones or your biker buddies, handy when you want to end up for a motorcycle ride!

The price of this little marvel of innovation is €119! You can also buy a "collector" version of the product with a matt black finish with a value of €129.

But the use of this stop light will not only be limited to motorcyclists. Indeed, with the boom of scooters, scooters or motorized skateboards, more and more people might have an interest in using this intelligent stop fire. Of course, any sportsman whose practice requires wearing a helmet will also be interested.

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