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While waiting to hit the road, the Planet Ride team offers you a selection of road movies. Get in the mood for a trip aboard your favorite vehicle. Whether it is rock’n roll or family road trip awaits you!

Easy Rider Denis Hopper: all the authenticity of a motorcycle road tripThis legendary Road Movie made in 1969 makes you follow the journey of two bikers Billy and Wyatt crossing the United States. To realize their dream, the two heroes roam from east to west America. Riding their Harley Davidson Panheads to psychedelic paintings, long hair in the breeze, they run on the road in search of the hidden charms of America. This road movie is an ode to freedom, speed and the pleasure of following its path. A counter-current trip, but also the inner journey as Wyatt says: “I have to meet again” (Well, I’am just getting my thing together)

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Travel diary of Walter Salles: the discovery of a motorcycle cultureAlways in motorcycle, Travel diary or Diarios of motocicleta takes you on the roads of Latin America. Two young Argentineans, Alberto Granado and Ernesto Guevara leave for a long journey that will take them through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia to reach Caracas in 4 months and a half. They embark on a two-man Norton 500 cc of 1939 that they call “The Vigorous”. This initiatory journey takes us to the plains of Argentina to the shores of the Amazon with a spectacular arrival at Machu Pichu. A discovery of Latin America on a motorcycle in which the two heroes confront the reality of the continent, its social wealth to its deep injustice. A captivating journey in the heart of Argentina and in all authenticity to see absolutely! Thelma and Louise Ridley Scott: on the run on the roads of the United StatesTwo women, Susan Sarandon the determined and Geena Davis the inconsistent leave for a trip to ‘a weekend, which turns into a run across the United States. This feminine road movie mixes sensational humor, black crime and passion for the road. The two heroines are sinking on a journey back to the heart of rural America. This film is a real ode to emancipation: drunk with space, the two women spin through the roads to the sound of B.B King aboard their green almond Thunderbird. A mythical vehicle that transports them to the final apotheosis

A true story of David Lynch: a road trip like no other … A road movie certainly, but not just any … It’s the story of an old worn man who decides to take the road to see his brother, fallen sick and he has not seen for ten years. He decides to cross the United States aboard a lawnmower for lack of a driver’s license. It is then a journey of more than 380 kilometers in mower which starts. The trip is full of surprises and encounters. A trip once again initiatic and rich in symbols. All vehicles are good for the journey of his life! Jonathan Dayton’s Little Miss Sunshine: When the family mixes with the journeyIn an authentic yellow Volkswagen wagon, this is a hilarious family road movie. An initiatory journey for each member of the Hoover family who accompanies little Olive to a beauty contest in California. The family, gathered during a trip will have to get along and solve their personal problems while crossing New Mexico and California. To live a family trip is a real road experience. Do you want to extend this top list? Travel films, road trip or backpack are numerous, and always enjoyable! You can visit the travel blog that offers a list of other equally exciting road movie listings. Also find on the blog Instinct Voyageur, movies that we like too. Nomad Junkie, pragmatic also selected us, a whole list of movies to see on Netflix for cheap! And you? Which films make you vibrate and make you want to make an unforgettable road trip? Share your favorite ride movies!

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