An Irish inventor based in London had fun conceptualizing a collection of zombie-proof cars. Donal O'Keeffe has conceptualized in 3d vehicles inspired by his favorite horror films. These vehicles designed to withstand an urban invasion of thirsty zombies, are thought for a partial self-sufficiency that will put you safe from danger.

London Cab

London Zombie-proof taxi

-Roof Projectors
-Storage of cans and compartments for food
-Equipped kitchen
-by-sharp front buffalo
-Axe remains at your fingertips

London Anti-Zombie Taxi


The auto-rickshaw of New Delhi

Tuk Tuk anti-zombies from New Delhi
-Pump gun within range of clutch
-Steel Protection grids
-Water supply on the roof
-Crossbow for the passenger

Tuk Tuk anti-zombies from New Delhi


The English postal car

Anti-Zombies English poster truck
Ideal vehicle for family travel:
-Point of view on the roof
-Large storage capacity
-Protection grids for headlights

Anti-Zombies English poster truck


The New York Taxi

NYC Anti-Zombie Taxi
-Ram and front braces
-Protection grid on the Windows
-Large storage capacity
-Camouflage of rear passengers

NYC Anti-Zombie Taxi

The London bus

The London bus anti-zombies
-The best anti-zombie vehicle if it comes to fleeing and darkening in the heap
-All security guaranteed with the extinguishers available
-Dining room All comfort
-Food supply and storage insured
-Bunks in height

The London bus anti-zombies

All pictures of this article are from Donal OKeeffe

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