Travel is now accessible to all thanks to low-cost flights, free travel guides on the internet and the 5 weeks of paid leave you have if you are in France. Despite this, not all tourists are travelers and all travelers are not ready for an unusual experience or off the beaten path…

Do you like to travel?

You know you're a real traveler when

Perhaps you reconnaitrais in this vision of the traveller. You will surely find many points to add to the list and you are welcome.

Being a traveler

Being a traveler, you feel it when you are, you perceive it in others and you quickly realize when you meet people travelling. But travelling does not necessarily mean that one is a traveller in the soul. Planet Ride has its ideas on the trip and for us, you know you’re a traveler when:

  • It’s hard not to be playful but jealous in front of your friends ‘ travel photos
  • Most of your conversation with your family ends in, I don’t know if I’ll be there, I think I’m traveling at that time

I don’t know if I’ll be there, I think I’m on a trip.

  • You plan your next trip when meeting with other travelers, in a youth hostel at the bottom of an idyllic country (or not)… what is sure is that their story has made you want!
  • Looking at the job offers and there is no International in the location of the job, you leave the site… because Picardy frightened you.
  • You click without realizing the links of the latest newsletter of your favorite airline even though it has just arrived in your Inbox… and you are already traveling.
  • You know better the regions of Asia, of America, of Oceania than the 22 French regions (it does not matter, they are in full overhaul)
  • By cleaning in your medicine cabinet, there are more anti-Palu pads than painkillers (and painkillers are in different languages)
  • In the midst of a culinary conversation, we look at you oddly when you say that silk worms are very good grilled.

 No kidding, Fri, it’s crispy, uhm…

  • Your dream job (or current) is: Blogger, reporter, adventurer, destination tester, sailor, tour guide, freelance…
  • You know and have an account on Couchsurfing, Hostelworld, Airbnb, Kayak… that in your favorite sites we find Travelplugin, instinct-Traveller,…

Go on adventure and discover the heart of a traveller

Are you missing a radius to your wheel or a rope to your bow? Would you like to become the traveller you always wanted to be? Planet Ride offers motorized travel and road trips all over the world.

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