Hundreds of such blogs bloom every day on the Internet. Some stand out and pass the course of the travel narrative and persist in duration. We appreciate blogs that specialize to talk about travel differently and highlight a unique vision of travel. In this abounding universe, hard to make a top of the best. So we decided to introduce you to blogs of original travel that touch us, make us dream and give us desires of great departures.

Nomad Junkie

This blog is a call to travel, to lightness and to nomadic life! The editors from Quebec share their thoughts on the journey, their tricks and their discoveries day after day. Nomad Junkie is a whole state of mind: travelling differently, the light spirit and the closest to the people. Discover portraits of travelers, original destinations and lots of good plans. The strong point of the blog: editors always in motion and full of humour. They make us travel around the world from New Zealand through Taiwan to Montreal. A wealth of information for adventure addicts. Adopt their philosophy, become a Nomad junkie!

 Nomad Junkie's favorite blog from Planet Ride

Around the world at 80 cm

Following the journey of this small family is a day-to-day adventure! The round the world at 80 cm is the realization of a family dream. Vanessa and Arnaud parents of the little Loulou, just two and a half years old, traveled the world for a year. This very nice blog is out of the ordinary. His goal, in addition to recounting a travel experience, is to share meetings with children from all over the world. An approach focused on the place and the word of the child with the valorisation of deserving associations. Very nice pictures and nice shared meetings. The strengths of the blog: many multimedia content including reports and interviews, such as tips and methods for preparing a trip. A blog that will make you want to travel with your family!

World Tour in 80cm, Planet Ride's favorite blog

World Poker Trip

Add a traveler’s soul plus an overflowing passion for poker, put it all in a nice blog and you’ll get World poker trip. Jonathan Solomon’s blog is, as he defined it a real “novel in writing”. His story makes you dream! Everything to travel and to live out of his passion, everyone in dreams but few people are crossing the course. Jonathan Solomon did it. Refusing a CDI opportunity as an architect, Jonathan flew to Brazil for a voyage to conquer the world and freedom. His journey is a real success story. Thinking he was gone for a few months, he stayed in South America for two years. He bought himself a motorcycle, fell in love, chained the epic poker games and traveled the most beautiful roads of the south… A whole host of retranscrises adventures on his blog. His motorcycle road trip has been drawn through Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Colombia… The most of the blog: Tales of Adventures and encounters tinged with humour and deeply human. A Rock’n’Roll travel blog that will give you the taste of the game and the journey!

 Wordtrip Poker favorite Planet Ride Blog


More than a travel blog, Virage8 is a blog of inspiration, beautiful vehicles with two, three and four wheels. A site to talk about beautiful engines and mythical routes. Virage8, whose name pays homage to the 8th turn of the mythical circuit of Laguna Seca in California, is held by enthusiasts of beautiful bikes and ride. There are also a lot of travel stories, equipment tips like film or music critics calling for a motorcycle trip. A sharp news about the automotive and motorcycle sector that will make the fans drool. The strong point of the blog: Always more beautiful images that will awaken your soul of rider.

Corner 8 favorite Planet Ride Blog

David Minh Travel Reporter 

David Minh’s Blog traces his travels from Vietnam to Japan through Paris and New York. This film enthusiast carries out series of reports from his travels. It makes us discover people, cultures and all the wealth of the countries of Asia. On his first trip to Japan, David Minh was overwhelmed by this superb culture. He decides to go back to make a documentary “Japan Who Are you?”. He films his fascination for this country and its extreme opposition to the western world in which he lives. Reports pleasant to watch and informative that make us discover the surprises of Japan at the likings of impressions of our reporter. Lose yourself in the blog, over the mood tickets of David Minh and get to know Asia from home.

Davidminh Favorite Planet Ride Blog

We are East America

Here is a place to be inspired, find useful information for a motorcycle trip and have a good time! In short, a blog at the cool. We are West America is the blog of the small American Garment brand, you will have guessed, West America. A blog stop on two American motorcycle travel in the magnificent landscapes of the continent. The motto of the blog seems to be the famous carp and Diem. You will also find articles tips: How to choose your bike to leave? How to prepare for a trip? … A blog that leaves us dreaming with its beautiful images.

Weare-East-America's favorite Planet Ride Blog

Traverse Books

Traverse Book is consulted as a travel book. You have the impression of touching textures, objects brought back from the four corners of the world. This blog created in 2007 by Julie Sarperi, also freelance artistic director, is especially worked and makes us travel in an infinite scroll. Foisonnants articles, full of practical information and sympathetic anecdotes will make you vibrate. Look at the latest travel diary dedicated to the RoadTrip of the blogger in the United States, it is bubbly. His travels around the world are a real source of inspiration. A poetic initiative that will make you want to travel the world to discover its hidden little treasures and you also express your creativity. The most of the blog: beautiful Polaroids, pastel colors that make us discover land like Iceland, the islands of northern Germany or the Japanese countryside.

Planet Ride's favorite World Tour Blog

Two trip

This blog will give you to travel the world in love. Marie and Matthew left Paris in 2012 to go to Argentina. Taken from the travel virus, the couple traveled Europe and is now in Thailand. Travel to two allows Mary and Matthew, in addition to keeping in touch with their loved ones, to share their adventures while giving travel tips. We especially like the good addresses and the recipes of the world. A complete blog, with travel Diaries but also portraits of the world, critics of books, comics and documentaries. Lots of enticing information!

' Voyae to two favorite Planet ride blog

Trace Your Way

Trace your route is a group travel blog, hosted by six authors recounting their adventures around the world. Six Road tracers experimenting with destinations and transcribe with lots of practical advice, always useful when travelling. Original articles, never redundant with every day new destinations and new encounters. The voyage is thus hulled in all its seams. There are so many stories of hiking, travel through world cities or motorcycles. The most of the blog: Practical advice and pertinent reflections on travel and life abroad.

Planet ride loves the travel blog Trace your route

Ear Lady

Madame Ear is the French blog of the travel photo. Unique in its kind the blog offers a whole part dedicated to travel photo tips. Mrs. EAR addresses general questions like which camera to choose up to the more pointed questions like taking a picture of a géser or a aurora borealis in Paris. The travel book part is just as interesting with many explored destinations but also great stories of cycling or train trips. A blog to Peel before going on road trip to bring back the best shots! Madame Ear also founded the collective of travel bloggers with Julie Sarpei of Traverse Book, Adeline Gloria of travel etc and Julien Grenet of I love the world. A collective to answer all the questions of travel blogging. Follow these four aces from the travel blog for you also ride your blog on a trip!

Lady Ear Favorite Blog of Planet Ride

Planet Ride

And finally let’s talk about this blog, yes this one, there, right on your screen, you’re on the Planet Ride blog. Our blog allows you to discover multiple destinations and inspirations of travels by motorbike, 4×4, snowmobile, quad, buggy, Scooter, car collection, motorhome… Our articles allow you to discover the motorized journey and get key information for your future road-trips. We are going to meet today’s professional motorized travel enthusiasts. All over the world we collect their testimony, a real source of inspiration. Discover the Great Adventure of Philippe, specialist in motorcycle travel in the Philippines or the story of Guy organising 4×4 trips in Mauritania. These enthusiasts all have an unusual story to tell. We search the Web to get you some unusual, inspiring and always cooler news to make you want to embark on an exciting road trip. Take a stroll along the travel part of our site and give life to your escape desires!

Planet Ride's Blog motor travel Specialists

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