Buggy Off-Road Adventures

High-speed Off-road Buggy Adventures

If you’re looking for excitement and a travel experience that is unparalleled, then a buggy raid is precisely what you need. Buggy travel lets you stay a little safer with four wheels on the ground and a roll cage, but will get your heart racing as you pick up the speed and tear down the wide-open stretches of beach or desert. Planet Ride features at least one buggy raid in five different countries across three continents. These locations include the massive Sahara desert of Morocco, the quiet corners of the Algarve region in Portugal, and the beautiful beaches of northeast Brazil, as well as Italy and Tunisia. The duration for a buggy adventure with Planet Ride can range from three days to ten days and each minute will expose you to a variety of uniquely rugged and gorgeous terrain. You will experience the vast remoteness and natural beauty that accompany these desert landscapes. There will be opportunities to stop and see local villages, but the main attraction will be high-speed fun far away from any of the usual tourist destinations. Your buggy expedition will be supported by one of our guide partners who are experts on the local terrain, culture and customs, and the vehicles you are driving. In order to offer the best riding experience, we feature nothing but the best makes and models of buggies. These include the Can-Am Maverick, Baja 1000 Class 10 racing models, and others.

What you can expect on a Planet Ride Buggy adventure

You’ll have no problem finding a Planet Ride buggy adventure that meets your needs; we offer raids for every level of skill and adventure. Whether you want to get away from it all and out into these remote landscapes, or have a thirst for adrenaline, there will be a Planet Ride buggy raid for you! Depending on the particular country and guide, you can jump into a group with set travel dates, or work with the guide to set a travel schedule that works best for you.

Our 10-day trek through northeast Brazil begins in Natal and ends in Fortaleza. In between, you will experience the dunes and beaches of the Brazilian Nordeste, including Cape Sao Roque which is the shortest point between South America and Africa! This buggy expedition makes its way from one beautiful lagoon to the next, with seemingly endless coastline the entire way. Further out in the desert, you’ll be able to drive a high-speed slalom between the wind turbines that dot the dunes. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to visit small villages, connect with the locals, and try their food.

Five days of buggy travel in Morocco starts in Ouarzazate and sets off to conquer some of the 1,100 kilometer-long Drâa river valley and the massive dunes of the Sahara. You’ll have the opportunity to test the top speeds of your vehicle on the flat open spaces near the dry lake of Iriki and witness the colorful dunes of El Rhoual. Nights will be spent camping under the vast star-lit sky before returning to Ouarzazate for a little sightseeing and your flight home.

A Portugal buggy adventure offers the rare combination of rugged, unspoiled coastline, quaint villages, pine forest, and more natural beauty. The Portuguese countryside provides the chance to explore off-road tracks through gorgeous landscapes. As you traverse the Arade River and Southwest Alentejo National Park, you will be overwhelmed by the exquisite sights around you. In the villages, you’ll have the opportunity to visit centuries-old churches and castles and meet the friendly, welcoming locals. While it may be a shorter trip, you will have a wealth of experiences packed into that time!