French battlefield tours

Experience the Best of French History, Culture and Food with the Memorial Motorcycle Tour

France - 9 days trip with motorcycle - starting at € 2099.50
Retrace the Europe's fascinating history as you cruise on a motorcycle
Discover some of Europe's most famous monuments while riding a motorcycle
Explore and sample the most famous wines of the Champagne vineyards
Guide speaks : French, English,
9 day trip
Driving 6 day
3h per day
with guide
700km in total
From July to October
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Laurent - France - Motorcycle


Spécialiste Motorcycle


Even though I have travelled across the world, Europe continues to hold a special place in my heart and I am always excited about exploring this beautiful region.  In all…

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The best way to see a country is on the back of a motorbike

But knowing where to go can be a serious challenge. If you are interested in history, architecture, and culture intertwined in between drives through beautiful parts of the country than this is the tour for you.

On our unique French battlefield tour, you will travel through World War I and World War II battlefields, trenches and cemeteries. This includes seeing the beaches of Normandy where allies stormed the beaches during D-day and the plains of Verdun which will seem eerily calm after you hear the stories of battles there.

It’s not all history, however. Other stops will include a trip to Reims, where you sample Champagne from its real home. Later you will stroll in the gardens of Giverny, which inspired the famous artist, Monet. To top it all off, you will also spend two nights in the beautiful City of Lights, Paris, where you can experience everything it has to offer and create memories that will last a lifetime. If motorcycling touring in France sounds good to you, then check out our itinerary for our Memorial Tour of France !


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Map of your Motorcycle road trip :

Day 1

Arrival in Strasbourg

This is orientation day and a good time to get organized for your trip. You will meet with your guide, Laurent, who will give you the basics of the tour and answer any of your questions. This is a good time to get the hang of your bike and explore the exceptional architecture and other offerings of the city. At the end of the day, you will regroup for dinner and discuss any further questions before the trip.


Day 2

Strasbourg to Saverne

150km - 1h30 of riding

Your motorcycle tour in France begins with an easy drive of just 94 Miles (150 km) taking about 1.5 hours. One of our main themes is French Battlefield Tours. This is a day to discover the Alsace region and one of the stops will be the Struthof Concentration Camp, which was the only Nazi camp built on French Soil. After this, we will follow the ridge road until Dabo rock and also see the boat lift at St Loui, a truly impressive piece of engineering you have to see. At the end of the day, we will stay in Saverne, a historic city that was the birth place of the noble Rohan family.


Day 3

Saverne to Saarburg

300km - 2h30 of riding

This next day of driving on our motorcycle tour France is a little bit longer at 186 miles (300 KM) and takes about 2.5 hours. It is a day of many great scenic routes, but most people’s favorite is the detour through Mosel Valley. This beautiful area is also home to one of best preserved portions of the Maginot Line, which was the giant line of fortifications the French designed to protect against a German invasion. Following this, you will cruise into Germany along the river Sarre and end the day in beautiful Saaburg.


Day 4

Saaburg to Verdun

256km - 2h30 of riding

Your international tour continues as your travel from Germany to Luxembourg and back into France. Another day of medium distance driving, these 159 miles (256 km) will seem to just fly by. In Luxembourg, you will see the home of General Patton’s grave and also stop by the Mardasson Memorial, which honors the American soldiers who fought in the Battle of the Bulge. After this we will trace the river Meuse into the French city of Verdun.


Day 5

Verdun to Reims

140km - 1h30 of riding

Verdun was home to one of the biggest battles of WWI which lasted from 1916 to 1918. Here you will discover what life was link in the trenches, see Fort Douaumont and its cemetery that grew to be one the largest in Europe. After this, our motorcycle tour France, will stop at the mill of Valmy which played a major role during the French Revolution and end the day in the charming city of Reims.


Day 6

Reims to Paris

195km - 2h of riding

This day goes a little lighter on the history and a little heavier on the fun! There is no better way to start the day then touring the famous Champagne vineyards of the region. We will stop and have tasting at the best of them all: Dom Pérignon. After this bubbly beginning, we will make our way to Paris and see the City of Lights.


Day 7


By this point, you’ve earned a day off the bike! It is impossible to see Paris without taking a little rest and having the opportunity to cruise around and see the classics like the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysées, Louvre museum, Montmartre and so much more. Not only this, our guide can provide you with some excellent tips to help you find truly excellent French food.


Day 8

Paris to Honfleur

218km - 2h15 of riding

We are back on the bike for another great day of sightseeing. We will leave Paris following the Seine, the most famous river in France, and stop at La Roche Guyon, a beautiful old town in the hills that is full of history. After this, we will take a break to see the Giverny Garden which inspired Monet’s incredible works of art. Then we will continue to meander along the Seine and until we reach the 18th harbor of Honfleur.


Day 9

Honfleur - St Mere Eglise

150km - 1h30 of riding

Our last day of biking. An easy 94 miles (150 km) will put us at our final destination. Just because it is a short ride doesn’t mean that it is not full of great things to sea. We will pass along the sea resorts and stop at Deauville where you can see the famous D-day beaches of Normandy. Along the way, we will pass over Pegasus Bridge, cruise through Arromanches Harbor, Colleville Cemetery and finally Utah Beach. We will finish the day at St Mère Eglise and share a farewell dinner. Motorcycle touring in France in an incredible opportunity. If you are interested in getting a taste of the history, culture and food of Europe than this is the tour for you. It truly has something for everyone. So pack your bags and get ready for adventure you won’t want to miss !


For this trip, your vehicle is: a motorcycle.

To drive this vehicle you need : permis moto inf. 125cc.

  • 20 years old for renting a motorbike
  • Driving licence for 2 years minimum
  • A good equipment (you can rent one with Laurent)

Price for this road trip starts at 2099.50€ for each rider .

Price detail :

With your own motorcycle:

-single room € 1 145
-Double room € 1 500
-Sharing room € 1 145

BMW 1200 GS or equivalent (1000cc or over):
-single room € 3 240
-Double room € 2 490
-Sharing room € 2 940

BMW 650 GS or equivalent (under 1000cc):
-single room € 2 840
-Double room € 2 210
-Sharing room € 2 540

Price includes :

  • A motorcycle
  • A professional bilingual (French/English) tour guide
  • Eight nights in two or three star hotels including continental breakfast
  • We will also provide luggage transport with a support vehicle if there are more than 3 teams booked.
  • In addition, all entry fees included on the tour to museums, parks and so on are covered, along with the welcome and farewell dinners

Not included is the price :

  • flights tickets
  • Other meals not mentioned usually lunch and dinner as well as drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Along with this, we do not cover fuel and riding equipment such as helmets, jackets and gloves, but they are available to purchase from us at a very competitive rate.


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