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A ATV tours with Planet Ride is an awesome way to get off-road and deep into the great outdoors. ATV riding will take you further than most 4x4s and you get a closer experience with all the sights, smells, and sounds around you. ATV riding also offers plenty of excitement, while still being practical, as quads offer plenty of storage space for longer trips. You can easily ford rivers, venture into the desert, or tear down forest trails with a quad, leading you to untouched, beautiful landscapes around the world! Planet Ride currently features a ATV adventure in four different countries across three continents, with locations that include Portugal, Senegal, Italy, and Canada. Our ATV tours last anywhere from four to eight days and along the way you’ll visit national parks, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and beautiful countryside. An ATV tours will bring your face to face with the inhabitants of these remote locales and let you experience their culture in an unparalleled way. Our featured guides know the local culture and terrain and will help you immerse in your surroundings for an even more enjoyable trip. They are also extremely knowledgeable on the vehicles you’ll be riding and can assist with any maintenance that might be needed along the way. While you never know what might happen, we take pride in the excellent quad models we offer, which are from respected manufacturers like Polaris, Arctic Cat, Adly, Honda, and others. You can also elect to enjoy your ATV adventure with a group and guide or completely on your own.

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What Planet Ride offers for ATV and Quad adventures

Planet Ride features an array of ATV adventure trips, with difficulty ranging from easy to advanced, depending on the location. You can pick up some speed through rolling fields or along the sand of a gorgeous seashore, test your skill on rugged, technical mountain trails, or enjoy anything in between. Whether you’re looking for a closer connection to nature, or are a full-throttle adrenaline junkie, we’ll have a ATV Tours that meets your needs! A few examples of our trips are offered below.

One trip with the most varied terrain is our eight-day ATV Tours in Portugal which takes you from beaches to mountains and back. Starting in the city of Mira, you’ll head north along dunes and seashore before reaching the pine forest trails which lead to Aveiro. After a short break to relax and take in the views, you’ll make your way along rugged stone paths through the countryside and forest to reach Agueda. Day three brings a new level of difficulty with steeper climbs and rockier paths as you travel to the town of Caramulo, which is set in the mountains. From Caramulo to Oliveira do Hospital, you’ll be surrounded by verdant, rolling landscapes to enjoy. You’ll also pass several schist villages, which are tiny hamlets constructed from granite stone, with some houses cut directly into the rock. The rocky, technical trails continue, but eventually switch to gentler forest tracks, letting you pick up the pace! Stops include Lousa and Luso, two more cities rich with history, culture, and good food for you to experience. Eventually, you’ll return to Mira and head home.

For a warmer, sandier trip filled with gorgeous oceanside views and vibrant culture, check out the five-day ATV adventure in Senegal. After arriving in Saly, the group travels north for Toubab Dialao, which is a village with unique architecture – it’s built entirely of seashells and stones! Along the way, you can experience the strange sensation of a floating bath in the highly salinated waters of the saltworks near the Pink Lake. This lake is named for its brightly hued waters, whicha re the result of a combination of the salt and algae present. The next day offers wind, sand, and speed as you cruise down the beaches to the lagoon of Somone. From there it’s on to Mbodiene and then Ndangane. Here, you will embark on a traditional dugout canoe for the island of Mar Lodj, where you’ll get to spend the night. The next day, after exploring the island and its specialties, you’ll head back to the mainland and then experience the vast plains as you travel to Palmarin, set amidst massive baobab trees. This one-of-a-kind forest has actually been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO! On your last day of this ATV tours, you’ll return to Saly by way of Waran and its beach, where you’ll stop and relax for a beautiful seaside lunch.

Seven days of ATV riding in Canada let’s you explore deep into the beautiful Upper Laurentians region. These mountains are a paradise for the outdoor adventurer and this ATV tours will take you down rugged forest trails into the heart of the wild. Your senses will be treated to constant beauty as you discover dozens of lakes, hundreds of miles of trails, mountain peaks, mighty rivers, and more. You’ll have the slightest taste of how frontiersmen, trappers, and Native Americans lived over the last couple hundred years. We start and end this trek in Saint Hippolyte, and connect with various wilderness outfitters along the way, while spending the nights in hunting huts and hostels.