It takes a logistics well oiled and a meticulous organization to prepare Canadian snowmobile trail 112 000 km, in order to accommodate the 1.5 million snowmobilers from the four corners of the world! If you are still hesitating, here are five good reasons that will convince you to make a snowmobile raid in the Canada this winter…

Baptism of snowmobile and pleasures of the raid

Too many people think about being an ACE of the handlebar in order to enjoy the pleasures of the snowmobile, but far from it. Each year, thousands of people come to the Canada for their baptism of skidoo… Indeed, the country to the maple leaf there accessible sites where the trails are flat and straight, and lend themselves perfectly to the introduction to snowmobiling.

Besides, all snowmobile clubs begin their sessions by learning sessions. For the first kilometres, you will be supervised by certified instructors. You will be surprised by the extreme maneuverability of machines, because for most models used in the tourist circuits, there are only two options for manoeuvre: move forward and stop. After only a few minutes at the handlebars, driving the snow scooter becomes totally intuitive!

The Charlevoix region and the shores of the St. Lawrence river, with their easy trails and atypical landscapes, are among the places where it is good to learn Snowmobiling. You use large expanses of snowy, littered undergrowth and frozen water points… Very quickly, you’ll want to push the throttle a little more to know the true pleasures of driving and pacing explore this land of incredible beauty.

Once the skidoo is completely tamed, you won’t have trouble swallowing the kilometers to get to places such as the wildlife reserve of the Laurentians, the Anse-Saint-Jean, Saint-Aimé-Lake, without forgetting the Saguenay.

The landscapes of the Canada and national parks

The Canada snowmobile raid is also an opportunity to discover the natural treasures of the country differently. landforms, lakes, streams, plains, fjords, glaciers, hills, seashores, forests, mountains, fauna, flora… The scenery is as diverse as it is spectacular! Of course, There are several ways to commune with this exuberant nature, hiking or dog sledding, snowshoe rides, Treks and camping…

But walking the Canadian expanse on a Snowmobile’s handlebars is by far the most beautiful experience you will be given to Live. and especially, when you only have a few days ahead of you, because by opting for snowmobile circuits, not only will you cover very large distances in a short time, but in addition, you will be able to access the most remote places…

Contrary to the ideas received, the practice of snowmobiling is not incompatible with green tourism… The current regulations concerning the circulation of snowmobiles and the noise pollution they cause, is added the commitment of snowmobile clubs to preserve the environment: their snowmobile parks are exclusively composed of Skidoos called “ecological”. Snowmobile motor 4 time, less greedy in fuels and lubricants polluting, but also quieter.

You have more reason to hesitate between the 42 national parks (Kootenay, Mauricie, Peninsula Bruce, nature reserves and marine conservation areas, but also the exceptional sites as the Monts Valin, the natural of the Canada sights await you!

Activities to discover and try

When it comes to winter stay in the Canada, many are those who imagine the middle of nowhere with temperatures far below zero, braving the white desert and frigid winds… Sure, winter in the far North is far from being sweet, but spend an exceptional stay is not an impossible mission. Especially since the winter in Canada stretching from December to march is conducive to a myriad of exciting outdoor activities!

In addition to snowmobiling, skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice skating, snowshoeing, but also Snow-man contests are both fun and recreational activities to discover! To change the hectic speed, you can completely swap your snowmobile against an authentic sled pulled by hitch dogs, to get into the skin of a musher and take care of these adorable furry balls, the time of half a day…

In Quebec in particular, Winter is very expected to be able to practice “white fishing”, that is, fishing for trout under the ice! It is a custom inherited from native americans, still perpetuated by Quebecers. All over the region, when the ice covers the ponds and rivers, it’s a real ritual: small huts are set up on the ice field and each one settles down to stretch his lines and tease the trout, as the Inuit did…

And during your snowmobile tour in Canada, Let yourself be tempted by the pleasures of the trap. Leave in the footsteps of wild animals such as lynx, hares, beavers, otters, moose, Polar bears at the bottom of the forests or near the rivers… Unforgettable Encounters guaranteed!

Canadian cultural wealth

The trip by snowmobile to the Canada is also interesting. Between two breaks in the heart of nature, you will have the opportunity to trace hundreds of years of history and Native American, British, and French cultural influences through the cities where you step. Quebec and its surroundings are a perfect example with its museums, old Quebec and its ancient buildings, the village of Tadoussac and its charm of yesteryear, not forgetting the majestic Château Frontenac perched on Cape Diamant…

Montreal is also a fascinating cultural rendezvous, characterized by an incredible sweetness of life! Apart from the impressive concentration of museums (museum of archaeology and History of Pointe-à-Callière, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Musée d’art contemporain, Château Ramezay…), the cultural richness of Montreal is reflected in the many festivals of music, theatre, Humour and artistic events that animate the city throughout the year!

finally, lovers of culinary trips will also find their happiness in Vancouver, the Cosmopolitan where a gastronomy inspired by the four corners of the globe, both colorful and rich in flavors, delight the gourmets… Visit one of the ethnic districts to discover the cuisines from asia, india, but also from Italy and Greece.

Landscapes of rare beauty, sensations of escape and freedom, new activities, traditions, culture… As you understand it, the snowmobile raid in Canada promises you more than just a motorized adventure!

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