A journey from Sofia to Istanbul


After the Italy since the France join the handlebars of their two scooters Peugeot Django (see the first episode here), our two Planet Riders Samuel and Ambrose took time to savor the Dolce Vita Italian in Milan (see the special episode Milan here).

They then resumed their trip to scooters road to rally Istanbul after Bulgaria, the Django Adventure continues…



From Sofia roads are narrowed and the temperature is softened.

"We were completely blown away by the sense of warm hospitality of the Bulgarians. Sofia people are so cheerful, so enthusiastic… we had tears in the eyes.

Samuel and Ambroise, is safe, do not go unnoticed. Harnessed from head to foot and tire until the handlebar, constantly eyes are on them to each of their turn.

Artist tradesman himself, Ambroise feasted at the discovery of transient rural works lining the narrow streets of the mythical Sofia.

Samuel, true to himself, could not help but rubbing shoulders with local customs by listening to a concentrated ear legends told by the elders sitting at the Bulgarian Inns.

And then the road. Yet. His flurry of discoveries and escape. Images full head and staring into the unknown. There is no doubt that this trip in scooters will mark them forever.

Direction Istanbul before heading to Asia or Bombay wait them for a crossing of the India that we look forward to live!

A road-trip in scooters out of the ordinary, tell the day the day by two intrepid young reporters.

To be continued…

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