1/Where does this love of the road trip come from?

I'm a regular on the road trips. After having rubbed shoulders with the world of entertainment as a musician and appearing, I became a truck driver. So I traveled many roads: from Catalonia to Scandinavia, and from Brittany to Ukraine.

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2/What are your past experiences with motorcycle raid?

A few years ago, I was driving a Sportster. I was leaving Paris towards Hyères to visit my mother. Then I went back to my bike to go to Switzerland, to see my cousins. Then I drove towards the Valais by the Andermatt. I continued my journey from Switzerland through the Engadine region, then canton of Graubünden, one of the largest canton in the country. Finally, I arrived at Lichtenstein and the Austrian border. In total, my bike accounts for nearly 4500 kilometers!

3/Why the US and the 66 road?

On my father's side, the family is American, since the middle of the 19th century. We have cousins in New York, Louisiana, San Francisco and Seattle. When I was about twenty years old, I made my first motorcycle circuit USA without becoming aware of the large number of things to see. Alone, I was away from Albuquerque towards the 66 road. At the time, I did not realize the cultural and social importance of this legendary road. It had become "imperative" for me to rediscover the 66 road, in all these facets and generally, this fabulous country.


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4/Have you gone alone or accompanied by a group?

I could have gone alone in the USA motorcycle circuit, but I find it a bit imprudent. On the other hand, leaving in groups brings a certain conviviality. I wanted to be with people who share the same culture as me, and compare our viewpoints.

5/Your best memory? The worst?

We have truly experienced an adventure rich in discovery, encounter, experience and aboard sublime motorcycles! Our road trip was the perfect mix between motorcycle rides in Missouri and Texas Cowboys stopover. Along the 66 road, we met with a lot of locals who had come so far and interested in their history. Everything generally went very well, despite a few isolated cases like a woman and her husband drove us out of their site in the middle of the afternoon. But I keep with me only the good memories.

6/Do you like American living?

Our on-site guide was urging me to go to the table at 7:00. In the south in France as in many other places in summer, we go to the table only at 10pm! I soon concluded that in the Mid West, they do not know the wine!

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11/Tell us about your experience with our on-site partner.

Although a bit ' patrol leader ', our local guide has done his job very well. I wonder if a lot of guides would come out at 1:00 in the morning to trade his defective vehicle with the rental agency as he did! The organization of this circuit USA Moto has worked very well and I wish the next riders to make a journey as lively and enjoyable as mine. As for my partners on the 66 road, I had a great trip by their side!

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12/The next step?

Projects? Find the Lewis & Clark Trail, go back to Sutter's to the Klondyke, visit Nelle England, there are some things to see!

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