Travel the roads on a motorbike, go on an adventure in a buggy or ride aboard a quad, Portugal remains a must for a roadtrip.Portugal is an accessible destination that appeals to many lovers of road trips and motorized trips of all kinds. With its varied landscapes, its welcoming population and its long roads that run along the coast, this country has everything to please a rider. But when it comes to choosing a starting period, the decision gets complicated. Planet Ride gives you its advice just here .Portugal by motorbike: a unique riding experience offering magnificent roads and landscapes Planet Ride offers a wide choice for a motorcycle tour in Portugal. Each of them will be able to satisfy your desires for the road and the sun. This country bordered by the Atlantic Ocean offers a unique atmosphere. On one of our circuits you can enjoy beautiful coastal roads and discover mountainous and maritime landscapes. You will discover historic villages, with their culture and gastronomy. During your trip to Portugal by motorbike, punctuate your riding sessions with stops by the sea, for a dive in the turquoise waters. Leave with peace of mind with the advice of our local partners who are there to help you organize your trip.Motorcycles are becoming more and more popular lately. Choosing this mode of transport can allow you to benefit from a unique experience. The motorcycle is suitable for long-distance group or solo trips. The motorcycle trip has an important asset, it gives the possibility of developing the organization of a motorcycle roadtrip with people with the same passion and the same interest for this machine. .

Here are some road trip ideas:

Portugal by quad or buggy: an adventure that changes from the ordinary Rich in fauna and flora, you will find your happiness there during a quad or buggy tour. Outside the cities, the natural beauty of the country will bewitch you for multiplied pleasures. You can explore the Algarve region with the most preserved coast in Europe and admire the enchanting landscapes of rare beauty mixing sand and forests. Its gastronomy, its cultural richness, its historical remains make this country a paradise where the sun shines without interruption. The magnificent mountain of Caramulo is home to picturesque villages, beautifully nestled in the heart of a dazzling natural landscape. Its dirt roads will be a perfect playground during your adventure. Take routes traced by our Planet Ride certified partners and let yourself be guided by the roads of Portugal on the handlebars of your quad.

Benefits : Experience thrills : The quads used in touring are powerful and equipped with dedicated 4-wheel drive for difficult terrain. These vehicles can travel up to 80 km/h and then offer thrills, for a unique experience.

An all-weather experience : A quad ride in the downpour or rain, on muddy terrain, even offers better sensations. These great quad adventures in the middle of nature especially appeal to big adrenaline seekers.

Discover the landscapes differently : A quad ride is a perfect way to explore natural spaces in another way. The quad can go to corners inaccessible on foot or by bike.An activity accessible to all : There are circuits for beginners, intermediate level drivers and experts. The more experienced can go on the most difficult trails.

Good times to share : A quad normally has two places for the driver and a passenger. It is therefore quite possible to take a quad excursion as a couple, with a friend.

Here are some road trip ideas:

Portugal by motorhome: discover the country differently During your motorhome trip to Portugal you will have time to cross several regions, each offering different characteristics. This welcoming and warm country with fabulous landscapes, rich in history and festive atmosphere will charm you with the diversity of its activities. Discover the old fishing villages, indulge in water sports, relax on one of the beaches. This former maritime power with pastel-colored towns, old quarters and beautiful churches, is a perfect fusion between land and sea. A trip to Portugal in a motorhome combining discovery and idleness. Take routes traced by our Planet Ride certified partners and let yourself be guided at the wheel of your motorhome.

The advantages of traveling by motorhome: freedom of movement : the motorhome is practical, comfortable and easy to use. It gives you great freedom in your mobility.

A home wherever you are : even if you are on the other side of the world, you will always feel at home because it is your home.

Services accessible at any time : You have no time constraints like with a restaurant, a hotel, a rental etc. Unlimited encounters : living in a motorhome arouses a lot of curiosity, and you become naturally sociable. You will have the chance to meet a lot of people around the world and even become friends with nomads like you!

Take his time : Favoring slow tourism and traveling at your own pace is priceless.

A more reasonable budget : No need to book a hotel room, to pay charges, to reserve a table in a restaurant. A great advantage!

Here are some road trip ideas:

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