If you go on safari Namibia, you will not be able to miss one of its most beautiful roads, the D707. Along its hundreds of kilometers of sandy and desert trails, you will follow all the incredible landscapes that Namibia offers. Between desert, mountain and plain, this trail promises you stops in the most beautiful sites of Namibia !

The D707 is a must for a Namibia safari! Whether you’re a 4×4 or a motorcycle, this road is a nugget for riders like you! Located in the southwest of the country, its natural scenery will allow you to discover the fauna and flora of Namibia, while going to meet its wild animals. You who are looking for thrills and adventure, the D707 Namibia is the perfect track to satisfy your desires! Far from the ordinary bitumen, its reddish-coloured sandy material is ideal for chewing the landscapes around you with full teeth. The curves are rare on the D707, the perfect opportunity to spend the second!

Along the D707 Namibia, you will enjoy the mountains along your road, just like those desert plains through which you will pass. Keep your eyes open! On occasion you will see ostriches, oryxs or many flocks of sheep, called Karakul, originating in the region. It is very common to observe this breed of sheep since they easily support the large heats of the Namib desert, through which the D707 trail passes. If you prefer to leave during the rainy seasons, you will have the opportunity to admire the incredible variations of colors in the Namibian dunes, where the herbs show the tip of their noses.

All the riders left on Safari Namibia will be able to tell you that the D707 Namibia is one of the most beautiful trails in the country! And for cause, it’s full of incredible natural sites, which make the country rich. Aboard your vehicle, you will have the opportunity to stop for a moment to contemplate the beauty of the Namib desert. There are many surprises in this vast desert. For the more sporty, you can enjoy the 300 meters of heights of the sand hills of Sossusvlei for a hike where wild animals walk there. Don’t forget to equip yourself with a camera, the dead trees of the dry white Clay Lake, hidden in the dunes at Deadvlei make perfectly well in this desert decor. Planet Ride proposes you to leave for a safari Namibia where you will have the opportunity to spend a few nights in this fabulous desert of Namib.

For this Namibia safari that is offered to you, you will reach the Naukluft region. The perfect opportunity to admire the wild animals of the Namibian savannah, including here the Zebra Mountains, characterized by a fur all the more zebra than the average. The region of Naukluft is full of natural panoramas resplendent with its red sand dunes and cliffs.

And for an unforgettable stay on the D707 Namibia, a stopover in the second largest canyon in the world is indispensable, the Fish River Canyon! This mythical site of Namibia occupies nearly 160 km of the D707 Road. Its 550 meters deep promise you spectacular views on the biodiversity importance of this natural park. An ideal setting to take up the time of a hike for a total immersion with wild nature!

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