Also known as Icefield Parkway or Route 93, the Icefields Parkway is a must-have itinerary for ridership in the heart of Canadian nature. It is considered to be the point of connection between two major national parks in Canada: Jasper Park and Banff.
Throughout its 230 km of bitumen, the Icefields Parkway offers visitors exciting views of the Canadian nature. It is very easy to observe waterfalls, turquoise lakes, but also the famous Rocky mountains, these high mountains 5 000 kilometers long!

The essential stops of the Glacier Parkway

Lake Peyto

Renowned for its turquoise colour, this lake in Alberta is located in the heart of Banff National Park. It is one of the mythical stops for any rider who respects himself! It offers a breathtaking view of the Waputik mountain range, enough to make nice pictures.


The Mistaya Canyon

Very easy to reach, this canyon is naturally served by the Icefield Parkway. It is better to travel in canyon in summer, as the slopes are icy during the spring. And if you want your hike after the Mistaya Canyon, you will reach Col Howse.

Lake Hebert

It is undoubtedly the most appreciated lake of visitors and photographers. Hebert Lake is renowned for its fresh water and sublime natural panorama. It is easy to observe the reflection of Mount Temple in its naturally soft water, so keep your eye open! If you go to Lake Hebert from November to May, you can see the frozen lake.


Very borrowed during the summer months, the Icefield Parkway attracts many curious visitors every year, thanks to its geographical location between the city of Lake Louise and Jasper and their national park. It is characterized as a straight line with few turns, in order to minimise the danger, which comes rather from wild animals, which can arise on the road. However, in winter, the Glacier Parkway may be closed for avalanche risk. It is therefore advisable to avoid crossing it at this time of year.

Planet ride takes you on the Glacier Parkway!

If this itinerary tempts you, Planet Ride proposes to you to leave 12 days in western Canada on Moto. The program will take you along the beautiful snowy natural landscapes, the Fraser River Canyon and the Cariboo Mountains before reaching the gates of Highway 93! During this motorcycle Canada raid, you will make many stops to contemplate Jasper Park and Banff Park. You will walk to Lake Peyto to admire its turquoise water and breathtaking natural panorama. In short, a big breath of fresh air awaits you!

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