The 116 km long road crosses the Fagaran Mountains, hence its name. It crosses a sublime landscape of altitude between hairpin bends, bridges, viaducts and impressive tunnels from Curtea to the south to Transylvania in the north.

The world's most beautiful road in Romania with Planet ride

Beautiful scenery to observe on the road Transfagaran 

Whether you take the road from the south to the north or the other from the south to the north or the other way, you discover spectacular landscapes by motorbike or by car. You can observe the summit of Mount Lodoveanu, the highest peak in Romania, culminating at 2034 m altitude. The most amazing point of the road is the 890-metre tunnel that crosses the mountain. The tunnel marks the separation between a barren, snowy mountain landscape in the north and the green valleys of the south where the temperature rises markedly. Not to be missed on your way: the Church of St. Nicholas, the monastery of Curtea of Silver and the castle of Fagara.

The most beautiful road of the week in Romania with Planet ride

A road to the dark history

Known as one of the most beautiful road in the world, the Transfagaran road (if you have trouble with the pronunciation simply call it the DN7c – Drumul National 7c) was built between 1970 and 1974 in response to the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the USSR in 1968. It was intended to protect the borders of the country from other similar invasions. The road was created under the Communist regime Nicolae Ceausescus who wanted to create a strategic route through the mountains. The road nevertheless has a dark history: officially more than 40 workers would have died during its construction, but 38 years later the surviving workers speak of hundreds of lives lost.  At the time, its construction mobilized very large-scale material means to build the road as quickly as possible.

The most beautiful road of the week in Romania with Planet ride

A difficult and mystical road

The road is open only from June to October due to snow and difficult weather conditions. Tight turns, narrow crosses, the risks of the road being blocked even in the summer and the remoteness of the area make it a particularly difficult destination.

So choose your period, don’t forget to take some warm clothes and carry some groceries. Be vigilant, some say that the count of Dracula still haunts the region!

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