The best time for a road trip in Canada

Contrary to the ideas received, Canada is not reduced to its “winter sports Paradise” label. With a little over 1.4 million kilometers of roads, the Great White North offers unsuspected spots for a road-trip rich in sensations and discoveries. However, to the question “When to go on a road trip to Canada?”, it is very difficult to give an exact answer.

Climates are very disparate between different regions of the country, including the Pacific facade, Western Canada, the Prairie region and the far north. As a result, you can say that the best time for a road trip to Canada depends on your itinerary.

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The right time for a road trip to the Pacific coast

A road trip on the most western part of Canada is the promise of an exceptional adventure on wild lands, amidst unspoiled nature, abundant fauna and exceptional flora, with snow-capped mountains in the background. From the city of Vancouver to Vancouver Island through Whistler and Victoria, the Pacific façade is the perfect destination for those who enjoy road trips.

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The biggest advantage of opting for a road trip in the Pacific coast is that it is good all year round. Indeed, the region enjoys a mild and humid climate 365 days a year. But those who are not fans of the small showers will prefer the summer (July and August) which is much drier with a quasi-zero risk of facing large heats.

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When to explore the treasures of Western Canada?

Green grassland, glaciers, turquoise water lakes and Rocky Mountains… West-central Canada, including the Province of British Columbia, contains mirifiques landscapes to be discovered ideally by road. In addition to visiting the most beautiful national parks and large cities such as Calgary, Lake Louise, Jasper, BANFF, a multitude of activities are available to stop you after stopping.

As a result, the ideal season to get there will depend mainly on the type of stay you wish to make. For a snowmobile raid, downhill skiing, snowshoeing or ice fishing, it is evident during the winter (end of December to end of March) that the roads of Western Canada will have to be surveyed. On the other hand, for the enthusiasts of canyoning, of rafting, of tree climbing or even of climbing, the summer and especially the period stretching from the beginning of June to the end of September, will be more appropriate.

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The Prairies of Canada: What season to go?

The prairie region is spread from southern Alberta to the province of Manitoba. It is perfect for those who want to offer a bucolic getaway, amidst huge fields and tundra. And who knows if along the way you may encounter the legendary Plains bison, elk, lynx, moose or black bear? You should know that if you are interested in this extraordinary fauna, it will be a good idea to plan your way through the prairies in the spring, between March and May.

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On the other hand, if your ultimate goal is to enjoy the panorama and the immensity under a beautiful sun and fill up with fresh air, your best time will be summer, from the end of June to August, because the plains of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and eastern Alberta Enjoy a pleasant and dry summer climate at this time. Needless to say, in order to practise sports of gliding or to live a sled hike in this atypical environment, winter will be the ideal season.

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The ideal season to travel to eastern Canada

Nature-loving backpackers will not hesitate to venture into the eastern Canadian territory dominated by Ontario and Quebec. Again, the lush forests, lakes, rivers, impressive waterfalls, the Gaspésie national parks and the steep cliffs of La Mauricie will be the highlights of your journey. In other words, it is the region to reconnect and commune with nature…

The entire region is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean climate, with a particularly warm season from June to August. This is the perfect time to enjoy relaxing on Ontario’s beaches. This part of Canada also benefits from the famous “Indian Summer” between September and October, where nature is adorned with an enchanting kaleidoscope. However, it is advisable to prefer winter for a road trip destined for Niagara Falls and Montmorency.

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Choosing the right time to survey the great Canadian North

During a beautiful escape in Canada, an immersion in Inuit land in the Great North is required. To the key, an exceptional adventure through the immense territory of the Yukon to Nunavut and Nunavik and an unforgettable experience to meet a civilization jealous of its traditions. Sleigh rides, extreme bivouac, ice fishing… There are plenty of activities.

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For a stay in the great North with Northern Lights, Winter is the best season. Otherwise, the summer will be preferred to pfiter a simple road trip in the Yukon or the Northeast territories.

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