Destination Camping-Car is a family that lives of love and road trips in motorhome. Alain, photographer, but above all Papa, decided to mix work and family life with his wife, Marie, videographer, and their two wonders: Camille, full-time princess of 8 years and her little brother Daredevil of 3 years, Gavin. It is on board their second residence, the camper, that they decided together to roam the roads of the whole world to get out of the daily train.

Their journey began at the beginning of three, when Little Camille was still a baby. Their camper was initially used for the sport and leisure activities of the family. A tool that has proven to be more than indispensable for work and travel. A few years later, a newcomer made his appearance on the roads. Little Gavin joins the team!

It is together that they decide to change their way of life and to share it on the canvas while mixing travel, work and Dodo! Despite the tenacity of their former camper, an interesting project is proposed for their community engaged on social networks: to go on road trip in camper for six months with a new family model more efficient in exchange for Beautiful pictures. A success story as the adventure continues today!

In total, more than a dozen destinations are added to the Camping-Car Destination list. On board their old vehicle, they travelled several road trips in France including Corsica, but also Morocco and northern Portugal. Once their new little jewels have arrived, their journey continues in Aquitaine and Italy. Thanks to its natural landscapes and the warm welcome of its inhabitants, Slovenia has marked the minds of the small family. As for Croatia, its environment offers a wide choice of places to visit. A real pleasure for Camping-car Destination and for every rider wishing to move away from the tourists. Closer to France, the long Catalan roads also seduced them. As a bonus, a unique tour for these four adventurers in the desert of Bardenas, worthy of a western décor with plains and canyons with original shapes.

The road trips in camper are chained but the days are not alike. After travelling north of Portugal, 2 years ago, Destination Camping-Car returns from a road trip in the south of the country and images full head with wild landscapes and the ocean that sweeps the fabulous cliffs of the Atlantic coast. An experience that is not ready to stop now. Being able to move from one destination to another on board a family cocoon has become their way of life: "The world becomes our garden".

The next step? Join the south of Morocco with a stopover in Tarifa, a kitesurfing spot that is familiar to this couple of parents. Then, a break in Essaouira for a report before heading to Dakhla for a second mythical kitesurfing spot.

The adventure continues for this family after a tour of the world in camper and, who knows, maybe a second boat. A project that still remains in a corner of their head since this challenge has already been raised by Alain's parents, aged almost 80 years!
And you, a road trip in a camping-because it tempts you?

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