Thomas Hucteau, passionate about road-trips and photos, has delivered his most beautiful experiences of ride to the microphone to follow his Route.

A passionate nature

This great-outdoors lover is not on his first road trip. Thomas has already travelled many countries: the United States, Australia, Canada, Alaska and the North Cape. Accompanied by his mini combi “Pulso”, he makes breathtaking photos!

Discover the entire interview:

His photographs:
His travels:

Thomas’s new challenge

Thomas is now embarking on a new challenge: an online boutique of Art and Design creations called Esprit Combi.
Why take a walk? Because it uses 3d printing to make unique and customizable models. And of course you will find a selection of beautiful photographs.


So at Planet Ride, we wish good luck to Esprit Combi and we are eager to hear the new Adventures of Thomas!

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