EDIT January 20: Thomas has left for his road trip to Australia, find here his entire journey from day to day.

Planet Ride interviewed Thomas Hucteau, a young engineer from Toulouse who is a travel enthusiast and a photographer who wants to do his job. His road trip in the United States in 2012, his road trips coming in January 2015 in Australia then in Canada and Alaska in August, his photos, his musical tastes… Thomas tells us about his projects and his passions, it makes us dream. Toulouse Mag has dedicated an article to him, for his interview it goes below:

Thomas Hucteau

Who are you? Even if you present yourself on your site, we want to know a little more!

Who am I? It’s the whole life issue… I have a lot of ideas and projects in mind, more or less realistic but I do everything to realize the most possible. I try to make the most of what life offers on this beautiful land, through mountain sports, music, travel and photography.

How long have you been doing photography?

Italy, Germany, two school trips where I started the photo with the mythical disposable devices. One day my parents offered me my first film camera and I took care of the photos on our family trips. Later, the digital switchover allowed me to try many more things, being no longer limited in number and having an overview of the photos. With time and my growing ideas of travel, I offered myself an SLR for the United States and this is where I regained taste in the shooting “eye against case” and the famous noise of the shutter release. Since then it has become a passion. I organized a first exhibition where I sold 2 photos, and I continue to move forward with my website www.thomashucteau.com and my desire to work around the photo, travel and tourism.

Thomas Hucteau's Journey to Morocco

Thomas's road trip to the United States

You’re going on a road trip to Australia soon, can you tell us more?

It will be my second road trip by car after 28 000 km in the United States in 2012. It is a country that attracts me by its grandeur, its sublime landscapes and varied, and its fascinating fauna and flora. I take off on January 17, 2015 for 3 months of adventures on the long Australian roads and I can tell you I’m late! Fortunately the journey already begins with its preparation: administrative procedures, guide/maps, program, budget,…

Why this project, what motivates you on this trip?

I got the idea for this project when I wanted to get started in the photo entirely. I needed to have a large collection of images. Adding to this the 3 countries I dreamed of discovering at all costs in my life, I started with Australia in January and Canada/Alaska in May. I do not travel to go somewhere, but to travel: to live the present moment, to take the time of the simple things of life, to find oneself, to step back, to escape from everyday life, to learn about ourselves and others, to surpass themselves against the unexpected, Discover, surprise but also meet, discuss, Exchange,… It is a mixture of all these emotions that pushes me, a little more every day, to travel.

What’s your itinerary?

I arrive in Sydney, I pick up the car, I go to the Blues Mountains and it’s time to tour Australia clockwise with 30 to 33 000 km I think. I finished my trip by Sydney having returned the car and hoping to find couchsurfing for the last 2 nights…

The route of the Australian road trip by Thomas

With which vehicle do you plan to take the road? Why this model rather than another?

In a dream, a Combi T1 year 60. In a parallel reality, my Renault 4l TL of 76 if it had not been vandalized/burned. In real life, a rental car… For Australia, I hope to have a Golf course. When I did the United States, I tried everything to have a car of the years 70 but I did not succeed unfortunately… But I loved riding in Dodge Charger and Challenger!

And after Australia, you’re leaving?

You bet! One month after Australia, I leave with the program the east/west crossing of Canada to go to Alaska. I spend my winter with the Australian summer, and my summer with Alaska summer… finally a French winter rather!

Thomas, photographer and traveler. These two passions are linked?

Travelling, discovering, admiring some of the most beautiful landscapes of each other is very inspiring for me, even though it is true that we don’t have to go far for it. But big and long trips have become a drug for me. These are two passions that go perfectly together, and it’s even better when we add those for music and the Automobile. Without this crazy craving for adventures, I’ll probably do culinary photos or weddings.

Thomas Travel to Morocco

We really liked the pictures of your previous travels. What does the road mean to you?

For me, the road is an invitation to escape. An opportunity to leave his daily life habits to discover new horizons and rub shoulders with the quills of the unknown! Every kilometer traveled has its own reflection, add a touch of music and you feel free like never, so well with oneself that one is happy to ride again and always further.

Road photography, during Thomas's road trip in the United States

Surely you have some travel playlists? Sends!

Ah that to have, I have 53.6 days of music on my Ipod! I have everything but rather rock still with several playlists, one for each mood as cult 70 ‘, pop rock, folk, calm guitar, electro hovering… A little preview with three songs to listen in a loop: ‘ AaRon-passengers ‘, ‘ Half Moon Run-Full circle ‘ and ‘ Noel Gallagher-in the Heat Of the Moment ‘.

Travelling is also fun, what are the beers you preferred during your trips? What about the dishes?

It is true that specialties are part of the discovery of a country. I try not to forget especially that I am greedy. I still remember a buffalo burger/avocado, another with peanut butter/bacon, but also King Crab from Norway and serving a delicious New York cheesecake. Beer level, I think of the ‘ Bud ‘ shared with Americans who rode in Harley of course.

Find the pictures of Thomas ‘ road-trip USA at the Expo in Toulouse:

Thomas exhibits at the French Alpine Club in Toulouse from January 5 to 31, 2015

You can follow Thomas’s adventures in Australia on his blog.

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