Pascal, the specialist partner Planet Ride, Espert of the 4×4 in Namibia, has been passionate about Africa since his first voyage on the continent. It gives us more details in a small interview…

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Pascal and I work in an agency specializing in 4×4 road-trip. Since 2009, our agency has been offering many trips to Namibia.

4x4 Raid in Namibia

Does your 4×4 raiding agency in Namibia present a peculiarity to other agencies in the territory?

We have our own fleet of vehicles (about 50) and all the staff on site is from Namibia, so it is perfectly familiar with the country and its customs.

Pascal 4x4 interview Namibia

What’s your story? How did you come up with motorized travel?

I started as a scientist in the field of biology and agriculture, then I created a research laboratory. I then changed my shoulder rifle, resumed my studies at 46 years, took over the management of a ecomuseum and developed a écocamping on the Larzac. I have a passion for Africa since my first trip to Southern Africa in 1995. Since then I go back every year and accompany 4×4 safaris as a guide interpreter. Having tasted the solidarity and ecological tourism, I joined a friend Namibian guide. For four years we have been proposing a trip to Namibia in 4×4. With us, you drive your vehicle and go to the discovery of wildlife and extraordinary landscapes.

Safari 4x4 in Namibia with Planet Ride

On which machine do the Planet rides travel when they leave with you in Namibia?

On my travels, the Planet riders go on the roads and visit the parks either Land Rover defender 90/110 or Jeep. We also have Nissan double cabins manufactured in South Africa and Toyota Hilux.

Why this choice of gear?

These are the most practical for a country like Namibia. They have a great autonomy but also an ability to go on several types of terrain (sand, slopes) without problem.

Pascal 4x4 interview Namibia

What makes a trip to Namibia unavoidable for you?

The beauty and diversity of the landscape (deserts, mountains, ocean Canyons…), Human encounters (Himba, Bushmen, Damaa…), the possibility to go off the beaten path and the impression never denied of wild and intact nature… The vastness and diversity of the country make it often felt privileged to be there, almost alone in the world and never safe from unexpected encounters.

For you, what is the real difference between a simple trip and a motorized trip?

The possibility at any time to go to the unexpected, the adventure where the classical tourists do not go!

What’s your favorite place?

Purros, a Himba village lost at the bottom of the Kaokoland on the territory of elephants and desert lions.

Pascal 4x4 interview Namibia

What’s your best memory of wrinkle?

August 2015, in Land Rover defender Safari, in the midst of the caillasses, the encounter with the elephants of the desert all close to us, curious until we come to inhale their proboscis and then the discovery of the Lions of the desert in a sumptuous landscape of basalt and Desert.

Planet Ride RAID 4x4 Namibia

A word to the future Planet riders?

Namibia is a true country of adventure where wildlife can still move freely without fencing and live among men. For a trip like this, Planet riders are more than welcome!

You want to go on a 4×4 trip to Namibia? This is Planet Ride’s last trip to this country:

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