Nothing better than a custom tour to visit this incredible country at your own pace, according to your desires and moods.

Discover a land particularly rich in its multiple landscapes, its culture and its inhabitants.


On the way to the Fish River Canyon, the largest canyon in Africa…       


Direction the south of Namibia to discover the second largest canyon in the world and the first in Africa with its 160km of length. He has nothing to envy to his American alter-ego!

Located in the heart of the Richtersveld cross-border National Park with South Africa, the canyon is a natural marvel of the region.

The spectacular view of the Fish River Canyon is easily accessible from several viewpoints, the main one located at Hobas.


Discovering the oldest desert in the world: the desert of the Namib…


The Namib desert, over 80 million years old, offers you a breathtaking spectacle with its endless stretches of red dunes.

In Sossusvlei, it is possible to climb Big Dada, the highest dune in the world, at its peak, a reward is the key: a panoramic view over a stretch of sand at a loss of view, simply breathtaking and unforgettable!

As for the Dead Vlei, between its immense dunes, a lake, now dry, that lays the silhouettes of trees frozen by time is an equally impressive landscape.


We continue with a safari in the park of Etosha…

Etosha National Park is one of the most acclaimed nature reserves in Africa. This park of 22 000 square kilometers welcomes a wild fauna worthy of the savannah. Elephants, zebras, wildebeest, Springboks, lions, giraffes, rhinos and more than a hundred other species that you can meet on this safari.

A little tip: go there at dawn or in the late afternoon! You will be able to observe the nature and its inhabitants quietly, a unique and unforgettable experience…

We end up Namibian cities, between European architecture and African environment!


You’d be surprised by the Namibian cities!

Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, is a small town, which has nothing to envy to the big neighbouring South African cities. A quiet city and a nice downtown for pedestrians.

Highly influenced by the German colonial heritage, still present in some streets of the capital, the architecture of Windhoek is colorful and astonishing.

As for the other Namibian cities such as Swakopmund or Walvis Bay, the main coastal cities, Germanic influences are also well present. It is then interesting to be able to observe this astonishing contrast between the European style colonial architecture and the landscapes of the Namib desert.

On the coast you will have the opportunity to practice some water activities, good news for lovers of the sea.

As you will have understood, Namibia is a country full of landscapes as varied as it is beautiful, but it is even better to be able to check it for yourself, right?

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