Have you ever heard of Botswana? It is a Southern African country surrounded by Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia. This African country has managed to preserve its unique natural heritage despite a globalization that continues to grow and tourism growing for several years. 40% of Botswana’s land is still in its natural state and is home to many species of wild animals that can live serenely. Botswana is known for being a country with different facets. Indeed, each region will offer you a different decor and will reveal to you the hidden secrets that make this country unique and mysterious. You are still amazed by Botswana’s landscapes and natural resources that are no longer counted. If you want to go on a trip to Botswana, we advise you to prefer the dry season between the months of April to October. It is the best season to make the most of the natural and cultural wealth of this African country by enjoying sunny days with pleasant temperatures. You will avoid the rainy season as well as the hot weather.

Here are 5 good reasons to fly to Botswana and experience a sensational SUV road trip.

1- Immerse yourself in the heart of a surprising nature

A 4×4 road-trip in Botswana ensures you’ll find yourself in a breathtaking setting. This is the first reason to fly to the heart of Southern Africa and you will be very quickly convinced. The beautiful views you usually see on TV will now be in front of you. Imagine yourself with your friends, your spouse or your little family playing in the middle of a vast wild plain. As you have understood, picturesque landscapes await you in the heart of the Botswana region. Nature is somewhat striking and will prove to you that she is queen in this African country over the miles. Take your cameras ! Even if the most beautiful memories remain engraved forever in our memories, do not hesitate to immortalize what the nature will offer to you to remember the good times spent in Botswana when the cold of the winter will arrive. A safari in Botswana will allow you to recharge your batteries in an area that is among the most unspoiled sites on the planet. Among the must-sees of this country, there is the Okavango Delta. It is the third largest river that can be found in southern Africa. His little secret? It never reaches the sea, it is an inner delta that disappears under the lands of the Kalahari plain. A real quiet corner synonymous with escape and change of scenery is offered to you.

2- The paradise of the wild animal world

In Botswana, nature would not be so surprising without its exceptional fauna. You will be able to meet many species of wild animals within their natural habitat. National parks and nature reserves are numerous in Botswana and will offer you the opportunity to observe mammals, fish and birds with your own eyes. The most impressive animals remain wild animals. So you have understood, we offer the perfect destination to go on safari. Open your eyes, they can hide behind tall grass, trees or near the banks of a river. One tip: avoid wearing brightly colored clothes, which could frighten animals and make them aggressive. Do not miss: On your Botswana 4×4 road trip, visit Botswana’s third largest park, plus known as the “Elephant Sanctuary”. This exceptional place is home to more than 40,000 elephants living in sumptuous surroundings. True masters in this vast wilderness, you will observe their way of life in family and herd. Feel free to walk along the banks of the Chobe River where you will surely see a small group of elephant bathing.

3- Sleeping in unusual places

Which says unusual country, says exclusive accommodations for your safari in Botswana. This southern African country is also known for the accommodations they offer. If you are looking for luxury accommodation, opt for a night in a typical lodge. If you are an adventurer at heart, prefer a night under the stars in a bivouac in the heart of the Botswana savannah. Whatever type of accommodation you choose for your trip to Botswana, you will experience a moment of escape at the height of the splendor of the country.

4- Traditional cuisine

The discovery of a country also goes through gastronomy and local culinary specialties. If you go to the capital, you mainly find international cuisine to satisfy all stomachs. We must therefore move away from the city of Gaborone and go to the remote villages of Botswana to taste the local cuisine which consists mainly of beef, chicken and corn. Among the most popular dishes, you will find vetkoek, a donut of minced meat and honey, mashed corn flour or even the most adventurous of you, the mopane worms. As for drinks, you can taste kgadi, a palm wine made with berries and brown sugar. Botswana cuisine is sure to be a change of scenery and will delight your taste buds during your 4×4 road trip in Botswana.

5- A welcoming and safe country

The local population is generous and always ready to exchange with tourists on its culture and its authentic way of life. She will welcome you with a smile on her lips. The Tswanas ethnic group is the most famous in Botswana and you will meet its inhabitants in the 4 corners of the country. As a democratic country and recognized for political stability, it is the most peaceful and solid African country where you will be able to travel safely. It is nicknamed “the African miracle” thanks to its prosperity that reigns throughout the territory.


You can find on the website of Planet Ride all the safaris in Botswana that will allow you to live an extraordinary experience in a dream setting. We advise you to prepare your trip to Botswana about 8 months in advance as it is a very popular tour.

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