A wildlife safari through Karanga

Tanzania - 10 days trip with motorcycle - starting at € 2642
Discover Tanzania wildlife
Mount Kilimanjaro, tallest freestanding Mountain
Tours of the Manyara and Tarangire national park.
Guide speaks : French, English,
10 day trip
Driving 8 day
7h per day
with guide
1600km in total
From June to March
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Mohamed - Tanzania - Motorcycle


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I was so in-love with scooter motorcycles. Later was invited to film an off-road motorcycle adventure tour trip. The dirt-bikes tour completely exposed my passion on motorbikes. I am now…

Located in Arusha, Tanzania

The next motorcycle tour for nature lovers

On this ten-day motorbike road trip Tanzania, you will discover Mount Kilimanjaro, scenic Lake Natron, exotic wildlife, and the friendly people of Tanzania. The 1560-kilometer Tanzania adventure was designed for outdoor-oriented folks with a passion for nature and for motorbikes. These Tanzania tours take place in a northeastern region and accommodation includes lodges, hotels, and bush camps prepared specifically for you. Three meals per day including three to four courses will be provided throughout the trip as is ample bottled drinking water. Trails are off-road and suitable for rider of all skill levels, amateur to expert. We encourage you to bring your own riding gear, if available, but gear can also be rented. A support car, bike trailer, and fulltime English-speaking guides and mechanics will be available at all times.

Map of your Motorcycle road trip :

Day 1

Arrival in Kilimanjaro - Nairobi

Meet and greet from the Tanzania tours staff at the airport as you head to the lodge for refreshments. In the evening, you will pick-up a bike and have the opportunity to make personal adjustments after a trial run. Head to famous Arusha street for a BBQ dinner, with vegetarian options available, as you receive a brief for the upcoming day. After dinner, you have the option to grab a drink or return to the lodge for a full night’s rest.

Day 2

Arusha to lake Chala

300 km

After breakfast, we leave Arusha by following a trail leading North towards Mount Meru forest and a scenic view of the area. Gravel and freshly paved roads take us to Rombo along the Tanzania and Kenya border before turning off-road towards Lake Chala. The ride winds around iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, allowing stunning views all along the way. We arrive at Lake Chala for dinner where we sit around a campfire while enjoying cold drinks.

Day 3

Lake Chala to Same (Eastern Arch Mountain Trail)

120 km

After breakfast at Lake Chala, you will have the option of taking a refreshing dip in the lake before continuing the journey. We leave the lodge by heading south to the Pare Mountains along a curvy dirt road. After a stop for lunch, we will take another dirt road to the trans-border Lake Jipe before riding uphill for a better view of the communities below. We head to our hotel by riding down dirt roads complete with a number of sharp corners. The hotel provides spectacular views of the South Pare Mountains and is the ideal gateway to Mkomazi National Park and Shengena Forest.

Day 4

Same to Lushoto Highlands

190 km

After breakfast, our safari motorbike continues as we explore the eastern Pare Mountains. The trail cuts through virgin savannah up to Lake Kalimawe surrounded b rice paddies, plantations, and small villages. The ride continues on through the adjacent Mkomazi National Park. After lunch break, we explore nearby Usambara Mountain, the small villages of Mnazi and Mlalo, and surrounding palm forests. We are going to ride along a zig-zag road up the Usambara Mountains to Mtae, a Mambo village sitting 2300-meter above the region.

Day 5

Lushoto to Maasai Steppe

200 km

After a large breakfast, we leave Lushoto by heading down the Usambara mountains. Enjoy stunning scenery of the rocky Usambara Mountains leading to Mkomazi National park. This leg of the safari motorbike ride will be tricky as loose gravel is common on the downhill road. After a lunch break, we explore the Maasai Steppe Conservancy located between the Tarangire National Park and the Simanjiro Plains within the Northern Safari Circuit. A long dirt trail through the Maasai Steppe provides a wonderfully varied experience that includes wildlife, hiking, and authentic cultural experiences with the Maasai.

Day 6

Maasai steppe to Mto Wa MBU via Tarangire

275 km

Following breakfast, we ride on a dirt road across a semi-arid savannah inhabited by wildlife and the Masai. Enjoy the Tarangire Manyara ecosystem, a migratory corridor of Tarangire animals, as you ride. After lunch, we ride atop a dirt trail for about an hour before reaching a pavement. The new road takes us to the small town of Mto Wa Mbu where we will camp.

Day 7

Tarangire - Manyara Ecosystem to Lake Eyasi

140 km

After breakfast, we leave the camp by riding on a rift valley escarpment towards the Hadza community. This rocky and hilly road passes through varied elevations and vegetation towards Magara village, adjacent to Lake Manyara National park. Following a packed lunch, we continue our Tanzania adventure along the rift valley wall heading to Lake Eyasi where we meet the Hadza, hunters and gatherers native to east and southern Africa. After hunting alongside them, we will ride to the camp where cold drinks and food awaits.

Day 8

Lake Eyasi to Lake Natron

165 km

Your road trip Tanzania takes you along winding dirt trails away from the lushness surrounding the mountain into the savannah scenery of the Maasai plains. Ride towards the wall of the Great Rift Valley at the base of the mighty volcano Ol Donyo Lengai. The Ol Donyo Lengai is an active volcano last erupting in the 1970’s and revered by the Maasai as the home of the god ‘Ngai’. The almost perfect cone looms over an area of astonishing barren beauty. At the foot of the mountain lays an area of rocky desert; here we find the cones of a smaller extinct volcano and Lake Natron, a huge soda lake which stretches up to the Kenyan border. In the late afternoon sun, colorful flamingo colonies make add a dash of color against shimmering waters.

Day 9

Full day at Lake Natron

After a night under an incomparable star-filled African sky, you will wake up refreshed for the remainder of you Tanzania tours. Enjoy a hearty breakfast before you set off to explore the gorge that houses our campsite. A trail leads over boulders, through narrow chasms, and up rocky walls. Find strange cactuses clinging to the hot rock while ferns and palms grow in the damp shady gorge bottom. We duck under waterfalls and pass bubbling Jacuzzi-like pools and chutes creating natural waterslides. Eventually, we arrive at the head of the valley where a huge natural amphitheater cuts into an imposing cliff. Here we find the source that feeds the many springs, pools, and streams within the cliffside. Here we play in the pools, shower in the waterfalls, and enjoy our packed lunch. Take the opportunity to ride to the hot springs and around the lakeshores for a better view of the flamingos. We return to camp for an early BBQ and then off to bed.

Day 10

Lake Natron to Arusha

240 km

We pack up camp and follow trails out of camp. Along the way, we will see Maasai in traditional dress tending their herds. There is a good chance of meeting game animals close to the track including zebra and antelope, perhaps, even see giraffe or the occasional elephant. We stop for a break at a huge crater and then push on to Engaruka for lunch. After lunch, we will head back to Arusha where a cold drink will be waiting for us. There we can recount the stories we made upon our safari motorbike ride.

For this trip, your vehicle is: Honda XLR 250cc Model year 1980 With Kick Start only..

To drive this vehicle you need : sup. 125cc motobike licence.

Price for this road trip starts at 2642€ for each rider .

2642 € : Price for each rider based on 2 persons

2852 € : Price for each rider based on 3 persons

2642 € : Price for each rider based on 4 persons

2563 € : Price for each rider based on 5 persons

2471 € : Price for each rider based on 6 persons

2439 € : Price for each rider based on 7 persons

2706 € : Price for each rider based on 8 persons


Price includes :

  • Personal meet and greet services
  • Local transfers via private vehicle and accommodation
  • Bike, fuel, guide, basic spares, tools, and first aid
  • All entry fees, government taxes, and motorbike insurance
  • Bottled water and three meals per day


Price doesn’t include :

  • Medical expenses or insurance
  • Flights
  • Drinks, laundry, and personal expenses
  • Visas and vaccinations
  • Driver and guide gratuities

You can choose departure dates according to your wishes.


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