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Tanzania is a country of intense beauty and an incredibly diverse blend of cultures. It is home to dozens of distinct ethnic groups, and interestingly, has no official language! The geography is no less diverse, with grasslands, mountains, several of Africa’s Great Lakes, and the highest and lowest points on the continent - Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) and the lake bed of Lake Tanganyika (352 m below sea level). Because of this, the climate varies significantly as well. There are only two main seasons that alternate through the year - wet and dry. However, there are also various microclimates resulting from the varied geography. Planet Ride typically offers Tanzania tours from December through October, as that time will coincide with some of the best weather.

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A few must-do activities for any Tanzania adventure include safaris to see the lions, wildebeest, giraffes and other majestic wildlife that inhabit the grasslands, visiting at least one of the many national parks, and watching the other plethora of wildlife that Tanzania is home to. There are plenty of other adventure tourism options as well, including kayaking, trekking, and scuba diving. One of the best ways to enjoy any of these activities is a road trip Tanzania, especially by motorcycle or 4×4.

Regardless of what you will be doing or where you will be going in Tanzania, make sure you have the necessary immunizations and vaccinations, as there are several dangerous diseases and illnesses that you should be aware of. Also, be prepared for problems that arise from unsafe drinking water. You should drink bottled water or properly filtered or boiled water at all times. For personal safety, simply stay aware, travel in groups, and use common sense. Corruption, pickpocketing, and thievery are issues, but be smart, and you shouldn’t have problems !

What Planet Ride offers for motorcycle adventures in Tanzania

A great example of a Tanzania motorcycle tour is Planet Ride’s 7-day trek around the country’s northern lakes. With plenty of flexibility, this safari motorbike adventure can be adjusted to meet your exact travel needs. This particular tour offers you the ability to choose your riding partners and set custom travel dates any time between December and October! You will also have an expert local guide assisting you along your entire Tanzania adventure, who is knowledgeable on local laws and customs and has a wealth of mechanic experience with the Honda 250 XR Baja bikes used for this trip (as well as many similar models you might find on a trip like this).

Any Tanzania tours will open your eyes to the abundant beauty of Africa. However, there is nothing quite like doing it on a motorbike. You will be amazed as you explore dirt tracks through the expansive grasslands, navigate the mountainous terrain of the Great Rift Valley and Ngorongoro Crater, and traverse some of the Great Lakes of Africa. You will also have the opportunity to learn about and interact with locals, like the Hadzabe and Maasai tribespeople.

This road trip Tanzania begins with your arrival at the Kilimanjaro airport, and then you head straight for your lodge, near Arusha. After some introduction and briefing, and following breakfast the next morning, you set out towards the Monduli Mountains. After navigating some adventurous terrain and tackling the climb of Mount Kitumbeine, you’ll head into the village of Kitumbeine for the night, amid the traditional huts of the Maasai. The next day, you’ll explore Lake Natron and take a hike to the Falls of Ngare Sero. While still at the lake, you’ll have the chance to see its rich red soil and the pink flamingos that dot its sparkling blue waters. The next leg of your Tanzania motorcycle adventure takes you out of the Rift Valley to the Ngorongoro Crater and one of the country’s main wildlife reserves. Here, you will explore the crater by 4×4 before riding off towards Lake Eyasi. The afternoon of day 5 finds you visiting members of the Hadzabe people, one of the many ethnic groups in the country. You will learn about their hunter- gatherer practices and their customs. The second to last day of this ride takes you throughherds of gazelle, wildebeest, and zebra as you head towards Lake Manyara and the Tarangire Nature Reserve for a little 4×4 excursion into the reserve. Finally, we’ll leave the savannah to return to the Kilimanjaro airport.