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Located well into Eastern Europe, Romania is famous for its countryside, including the Carpathian Mountains, Roman heritage, castles, cities and villages, and many other things, even Dracula! The entire country, and especially the Transylvania region, is one of contrasts - dark forests and snowy rugged peaks to hip, modern cities with booming economies. One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of imposing castles, beautiful Painted Monasteries, rolling countryside, and so much more for you to discover on any number of Romania motorcycle routes.

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Other Need-to-Know Information about Romania

Romania may be stereotyped as slightly archaic compared to some of western Europe, but it is actually the seventh most populous member of the EU, with nearly 20 million citizens! The total area it comprises is 238,397 square kilometers, or a little less than half the size of France. The countryside is gorgeous, and quite expansive. In fact, it is one of the largest areas of undisturbed forest in all of Europe! You would be foolish to exclude Romania from Balkan motorcycle tours. Once you’ve experienced its charm and beauty, you might even rank it amongst the best global motorcycle tours!

The wonderful geography of Romania is obviously dominated by countryside, and the Carpathian Mountains and Danube River Delta are two features that are not to be missed. What could be better than carving through the twists and turns of 2,000m peaks and cruising amongst the fertile fields of the river delta? During your Romania motorcycle tours, you might even glimpse one of the brown bears, wolves, or hundreds of other unique species that inhabit the country.

While there are some regional differences in climate, much of the country is quite similar. There are four distinct seasons, with average summer temperatures in Bucharest around 28ºC and the southern parts of the country around 35ºC, and average winter temps dipping below 2ºC. Rainfall can average over 750mm in the high mountains, but is only around 600mm, on average, in Bucharest. Late spring through early fall would be the ideal times for any sort of Romania motorcycle tours.

Travel to, and entry into, Romania is quite easy for most citizens. Schengen country citizens, as well as U.S. and U.K. citizens can enter Romania without a visa and stay for up to 90 days. There are a total of 17 civilian airports throughout Romania, and 12 of those have regularly scheduled international flights.

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Planet Ride offers multiple different Romania motorcycle routes for you to choose from. Whether you want to visit the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvania Alps, or see it all on a Balkan motorcycle tours, where you will travel through Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, and more, there is a tour for you! Two examples of the tours offered by Planet Ride are the massive 16-day Great Balkan Crossing covering 8 different countries and splendid landscapes, and the 8-day Land of Carpathian Mountains tour which will test your riding skills amid hairpin turns and mountain climbs and descents. On these rides, your rental bike might include a BMW or Suzuki motorcycle in the 650, 800, or even 1200cc range, among other excellent makes and models.

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No matter which you decide to choose, our Romania motorcycle tours will provide you a unique road trip experience, and the possibilities are practically endless. Planet Ride will help you find the route and the vehicle that perfectly fit your needs. You can choose all the aspects of your motorcycling adventure in Romania, including the itinerary, your group, and your local guide. Then, you’ll head off for an absolutely unforgettable road trip! Our specialist partners will help you discover the beauty, culture, and richness of the lands you explore, while also offering any technical assistance you may need. Choose a route and indulge your riding pleasures, whether on-road, or off the beaten path!

Planet Ride also offers motorcycle trips for all levels of experience. Our shorter circuits are generally low mileage trips on well-paved roads that are easily travelled by beginners and experienced riders alike.The longer motorcycle road trip circuits are recommended for riders that are more accustomed to riding these longer distances, but are still usually on paved roads that make for smooth and easy riding. Lastly, our motorcycle adventure circuits are reserved for experienced motorcycle riders that are comfortable riding long distances, often off-road. These motorcycle circuits are designed to push the limits! The motorcycle roads and paths are specifically chosen for their technical challenge, and are the most physically demanding of our entire selection.

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Tourism Ideas for Romania

There is no shortage of tourism options for you to experience before or after Romania motorcycle tours. The country is an outdoorsman’s paradise, complete with mountains, forests, and the Black Sea. During the warmer months you can hike, camp, fish, and visit castles. If the outdoors are not your thing, you could enjoy the comfort and culture of urban life instead. There are also no fewer than 6 World Heritage sites throughout the country! On that note, maybe you’d even prefer rural tourism, focusing on folklore and traditions, which is an increasingly popular option!