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Mustang: The King of Nepal

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Ride the legendary mountain tamer, the Royal Enfield.
Unleash adventure-hungry motorcyclists on amazing roads
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    We will provide you with a Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle with full mechanical assistance and all spare parts should they be needed. Along with this, we cover the domestic transfer between our lodgings and the airport. Bet of all, the tour price includes an English speaking tour guide for the trip who will not only show us the way, but also provide information about Nepal and its culture. All lodgings are included along with all of the meals except during the transfer days. Along with this we will provide the cost of activities at Chitwan National Park along with the permits necessary to enter Mustang.

    Not included is the price :

    Our price does not include third party motorcycle insurance and other compulsory insurances along with international flights, airport taxes and visa fees.  Along with this you need to put down a refundable security deposit of $456 (400 €) for your motorcycle.

    You have a 100€ discount per person for a group reservation equal or higher than 4 people

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    himalayan motorcycle tour

    Day 1 Arrive in Kathmandu (Patan)

    We will meet you at the airport and transfer to Patan which only takes 30 minutes. Patan is nicknamed the “city of beauty” by the Nepalese. Packed full of life, it is authentic experience and a great place to get your first taste at Nepal. Patan is known for its long Buddhist history, and the four corners of the city are marked with monuments from across this distinguished past. See temples that have withstood even the most powerful of earthquakes and have stood the test of time.


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    Day 2 Patan to Chitwan

    170km - 5h of riding

    Our first day of driving while take us across 105 Miles (170 km) over the course of five hours. Heading Southwest on our Royal Enfield Riders, you will begin to appreciate the rural regions of Nepal. As we wind through valley after valley through traditional terraced field, we will start to enter the Terai region. In the afternoon, we will stroll through a jungle park with an incredible diversity of wildlife that provides a beautiful contrast to the morning drive.


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    Day 3 Chitwan

    190km - 5h of riding

    This is a day for exploring Chitwan and our Nepal Motorbike Tours today will begin by swapping our motorcycles for elephants to explore this beautiful area. On this guided safari tour, we will come across one-horned rhinos, monkeys, crocodiles, and maybe if you’re lucky, an rare encounter with a royal Bengal tiger, leopard or bear. In the afternoon, we will venture into the hostile jungle, discovering crocodiles from Asia, and embark on a boat along the Narayani River to see them in their natural habitat. We will then spend the night inside Chitwan National Park, the “heart of the jungle” and a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most significant tourist destinations of Nepal. The nature reserve protects 579 Square Miles (932 km) of Sal forests, swamps and rolling grasslands and with the snow-capped Himalayas in the background, it’s no wonder why this is a popular place to visit.  

    Day 4 Chitwan - Tansen

    190km - 5h of riding

    Back on our Royal Enfield Riders and back on the road. This 118 Miles (190 Km) drive will take us out of the jungle, heading northwest, up winding mountain roads, onwards to Tansen. Here our Royal Enfields are in their element, and will thrive in their favorite playground. We will visit a small town, hidden from the eyes of most tourists that is built on the mountainside where the quaint charm of the streets offers a relaxing setting after a long day’s ride.


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    Day 5 Tansen - Pokhara

    130km - 4h of riding

    This shorter four hour drive of 80 Miles (130 KM) is comparatively easy drive that goes up through the the green valley of the river Aadhi Khola. Get ready for a little traffic though entrance of Pokhara, where you will need to put your road skills to the test. In the afternoon we will arrive near the Phewa Lake in the afternoon where you will be free to explore around on you own. Nothing better embodies the idea of a Himalayan motorcycle tour better than the natural setting of Pokhara as the majestic Phewa Tal, the second biggest lake in the country. Weather permitting, the Annapurna mountains are reflected in its calm waters, making it ideal for an outing by boat or kayak. Then you can hike to the Pagoda of Peace, which offers breathtaking views of the lake and mountains of the area.  

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    Day 6 Pokhara – Tatopani

    120km - 4h of riding

    Another four hour day of just 75 Miles (120 km), we will begin our ride to Mustang! After 50 Miles (80 KM), we will pass through through Beni, where we leave the paved roads behind us, and the real fun begins.

    The trail follows the Kali Gandaki River, where the valley gradually narrows, and we finally see the first snow-capped mountain Annapurna appear before us which towers an astonishing more than 8000m above sea level! After our first section of off-roading, we reach Tatoponi, which has something any tired motorcyclists wants to see—some hot springs for us to sit back and relax in.


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    Day 7 Tatopani – Marpha

    45km - 3h of riding

    Don’t let this day of just 27 miles (45 km) of driving fool you. This is where things begin to tough and you will be happy you are a Royal Enfield Riders because here is where it reigns supreme. The first section to Ghasa is the most difficult, for both man and machine: the track is rock-strewn, very steep in places, and features many fords to cross! So get ready to get those feet wet.

    The landscape on this day is truly spectacular, and will supply us the energy needed to push on and move forward! We will arrive by the early afternoon at the splendid traditional Buddhist town of Mustang (Marpha in Nepalese).


    royal enfield riders

    Day 8 Marpha - Jharkot

    55km - 3h of riding

    This is again one of those days that you should be suspicious that we are traveling just 34 miles (55 km). The Nepal Motorbike Tours continue as we journey through the ancient kingdom of Mustang, a masterful territory of rocks and deep canyons, dominated by the highest peaks of the world! We will cross Jomsom, the largest village in the valley gaining altitude until we are over 10,000 feet up (3500m). Making our way through this amazing environment, we reach Jharkot, a medieval Buddhist village perched on a precarious rocky outcrop In the afternoon, we will take a ride up to Muktinath, climbing higher up to nearly 12,000 feet (3700m) to visit the famous temple dedicated to Vishnu, one of the holiest destinations for Hindus, who flock there from all over India and Nepal during the spring and autumn months and then return to spend the night in Jharkot.  

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    Day 9 Jharkot – Tukuche

    35km - 3h of riding

    Our Himalayan motorcycle tour will take us through three hours of descending into the Kali Gandaki valley, a barren landscape that is almost otherworldly as we ride along a track carved along the mountainside. The view of the summit of Dhaulagiri, at over 27,000 feet (8000m) provides an incredible sight that almost seems impossible to be real. Then we will drink traditional tea in the picturesque Kagbeni Village.  Then we will rejoin familiar roads as we head into the conifer forests and into the village of Tukuche.


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    Day 10 Tukuche – Tatopani

    40km - 3h of riding

    Our Nepal Motorcycle tours will continue their descent. It will hard to believe that we have already been down this track, but everything looks so different when you are heading south! Once again, man and machine will be strained as we wind into Tatopani. Here we can finally enjoy a nice chilled beer whilst relaxing in the hot and refreshing hot springs. What a way to kick back!


    himalayan motorcycle tour

    Day 11 Tatopani - Begnas Lake

    130km - 4h of riding

    You will be ready this day. We will travel 80 Miles (130 km) and really be able to open up our Royal Enfield Riders on wider, smoother roads. The day begins with 12 miles (25 km) of dirt track, then we are finally back to the comfort of asphalt. A tasty traditional meal awaits us at Sarangkot, a spot that is well known by paragliders that offers an exceptional view of Pokhara and Phewa Lake. We make another 9 Miles (20km) cruise to reach Lake Begnas, a quiet and beautiful oasis. And how we will end this day? Nothing better than swimming, a massage, and a BBQ!


    himalayan motorcycle tour

    Day 12 Begnas Lake – Nuwakot

    200km - 5h of riding

    A beautiful long day’s ride of 125 Miles (200 Km) takes us back towards Kathmandu. Along the Trishuli River, we will get to encounter locals and mix it up in towns and villages along the way. As we ride through the day the landscape will swill between a range of textures from abundant rice fields, pine forest to imposing gorges. We will stop in the charming village of Bandipur for lunch before continuing to Nuwakot. Here we will stay in a charming traditional home with a splendid view of the valley !


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    Day 13 Nuwakot – Katmandu

    70km - 3h of riding

    Our final day of riding! This easy three hour drive begins after a hearty breakfast served in the roof garden of our guest house. Then we hit the road for the last day with of our Himalayan Motorcycle Tour. We will follow a narrow and beautiful road towards Shivapuri National Park, before returning to the capital for lunch.

    It is time to bid farewell to our steel-horses. In the afternoon, we might have time to visit the stupa of Boudhanath or the religious site of Pashupatinath. Then we spend our last evening at Kathmandu, in the Thamel district, which is famous for its bars, restaurants, and live music where we will toast to our accomplishments!


    himalayan motorcycle tour

    Day 14 Katmandu - International Airport

    We say goodbye and provide you with a transport to the airport where you can head home or continue your journey!



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