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Namibia Offers Epic Off-Road Adventure Through Deserts, Mountains, and More

Namibia is not a destination that comes immediately to mind when asked to think about an awesome road trip adventure on the African continent. It’s probably not even on most people’s long list of places to visit, but all of those people are missing out! Namibia is a jewel of southern Africa, and with one of Planet Ride’s motorcycle tours Namibia is yours to explore! The vast expanses of the Namib and Kalahari deserts offer remote solitude perfect for off-road adventure travel, and the cities, people, and remaining countryside provide endless options for things to see and experience. Our motorcycle tours allow you to explore all of the best aspects of your host country. In Namibia, that means safaris, impossibly tall dunes, the natural splendor of coastline, savannah, and desert, and other incredible sights.

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Situated on the western coast of southern Africa, just above the nation of South Africa and the Cape of Good Hope, Namibia is home to remarkable natural beauty, cultural diversity, and history. Formerly a colony of Germany, and then administered by South Africa during much of the 20th century, the Namibian people did not gain true independence until 1990. Today, Namibia boasts tremendous national parks, geographic beauty, some of the world’s highest quality diamonds, and much more. Imagine exploring some of the tallest dunes in the world as you cruise the Kalahari Desert’s nearly 1000 kilometer stretch of distinct rust colored sands. Perhaps big game and more lush surroundings are your preference. Etosha National Park, along with the Caprivi, Kaokoland, and Waterberg Plateau parks feature some of the most renowned African wildlife – lions, elephants, zebras, ostriches, and others.

The cities and towns afford engaging experiences as well. The Germanic colonial influence is still plenty evident throughout the country, from the capital of Windhoek to the town of Luderitz. Hotels, train stations, and churches reflect the distinctive German Imperial and Art Nouveau architectural styles that dominated earlier times. Then there are destinations like Kolmanskop. Once a bustling destination of the diamond trade, this ghost town now has more sand than anything.

To get started on your Namibia motorcycle tours Cape Town is a great jumping off point. Air Namibia, South African Airways, and others offer regular flights from Cape Town, Johannesburg, and other southern African cities to Namibia’s capital of Windhoek. Most western visitors can also enter Namibia visa-free for stays of up to 90 days. In other words, you’ll have plenty of time for motorcycle tours in Namibia!

Aside from enjoying your time there, we don’t have much critical information to worry you with. Stay alert and take common-sense precautions. While the country’s crime rate is relatively high, you aren’t likely to have any issues if you keep your wits about you. In the countryside, it’s best to have a guide unless you’re already very familiar with your surroundings. Namibia’s medical system offers competent modern care, so fear not, but stay wary of transmissible diseases like malaria and HIV.

What Planet Ride offers for motorcycle adventures in Namibia

Like our motorcycle tours South Africa, the two-wheeled travels we feature in Namibia are sure to leave your heart racing; you’ll be retelling fantastic stories and reliving thrilling memories for years to come! There are several main features provided by Planet Ride that are sure to set your experience apart from the rest. First, we pull together all of the best itineraries into one place. That way, you can easily review and compare trips side by side to determine which will meet your every need. Next, we diligently seek out only top-notch local guides who are experts on the local culture, terrain, and vehicles. Like Henko, who we’ll talk about below, these guides will help with every last detail of your trip. From deciphering street signs and restaurant menus to changing a flat tire, they will gladly assist with anything you might need to help ensure an unforgettable journey.

We currently feature a couple of longer treks across Namibia and its neighboring countries. On these particular Namibia motorcycle tours, you’ll saddle up on one of a few different BMW adventure-touring models, like the GS 700, GS 800 or the GS 1200. Your guide will accompany you along every kilometer of your trek to ensure you have the support you need and the experience you dreamt about.

Take, for example, the 14-day trek through Namibia and Botswana with one of our expert local guides, Henko. He has lived and traveled around the world before settling in South Africa and provides some of the best motorcycle tours Namibia has to offer. While this tour starts in Cape Town, he also runs a few other motorcycle tours from Cape Town in case you’re interested. Enough, though, your adventure begins in Cape Town where you’ll have a day to explore and get to know your riding partners. From there, you’ll head out of town and slowly make your way north for a stunning view of Chapman’s Peak and a few sips of the fantastic local wines of the Stellenbosch region. Eventually, you’ll leave the pavement for an expedition down dirt roads and desert camps. The immense wilderness, incredible sunrises and sunsets, and surprisingly bright stars will repeatedly leave you astonished.

After five days of exploring South Africa, you’ll cross the Namibian border to visit the massive Fish River Canyon. From there, you’ll get a brief taste of desert riding as your cruise along the edge of the Kalahari on your way to Sossusvlei. The next few days will be spent marveling at massive dunes and visiting Sesriem and Kuiseb Canyons. On day ten, you’ll revel in the thrilling, adrenaline-filled possibilities offered by Namibia’s adventure capital – Swakopmund. Imagine activities like skydiving, dune riding, scenic plane flights, and more. Next, you’ll begin the journey to Etosha. After riding along the Skeleton Coast, seeing cape fur seals, petrified forests, and other amazing sights, it’ll be time for a big game safari in Etosha National Park. After gazing upon rhinos, giraffes, and lions, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride to Windhoek on paved, well-cared-for roads, before traveling home.