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Sitting just to the north of Greece in eastern Europe, the Republic of Macedonia is a landlocked nation with marvelous scenery and immense history and culture. The lands that now comprise Macedonia have been inhabited for more than two millennia! Over the years, they’ve born influence from the Greek, Persian, Roman, and Ottoman empires, all of which still shine through the amalgam of modern cultures. That wealth of culture and history offers much to experience - churches, mosques, and monasteries; paintings, poetry, and music; and countless ancient archaeological sites. The geography of this nation is nothing short of a stunning, and a Macedonia motorcycle adventure is a fantastic way to take in the sights and immerse in the culture.

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Macedonia is punctuated by rugged mountain ranges, several large lakes and rivers, and a surprising amount of geothermal and seismic activity with active volcanoes, hot springs, and the occasional earthquake. Taking a Macedonia road trip by motorcycle lets you connect with your surroundings on a visceral level, and that’s precisely what Planet Ride aims for with our tours. Imagine dragging a knee through high altitude hairpin turns, basking in the beauty and warmth of a cruise around Lake Ohrid, or a leisurely exploration of one of the national parks. The Macedonia motorcycle tours featured by Planet Ride visit all of the highlights offered by this country, and then some.

Most tourists flock west, and rightfully so. The western half of the country contains the major national parks, lakes, resort towns, and plenty of great riding. Archaeological records and research indicate that Ohrid is one of the oldest human settlements in all of Europe and the formation of the lake itself dates back millions of years! It’s almost hard to imagine immersing yourself in that kind of history as you ride along the shoreline. The eastern reaches of Macedonia offer just as much intrigue and excitement. Stip is the largest city in the east and features several historic sites, gorgeous churches and mosques, and hot springs, and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. Of course, the capital of Skopje, which is situated in the north of the country also offers a little bit of everything and is a great place to get started with a Macedonia motorcycle adventure. One can enjoy the art, architecture, great food, and the rest of city life before heading out to explore the fantastic natural beauty of the rest of the country.

The climate varies across the country, based on geography and altitude, but generally, summers are hot and dry, and winters are cold. When planning your trip, keep in mind that May through October usually offers the best weather for a visit to Macedonia.

Arriving in Macedonia will be quite simple. The two main international airports are located in Skopje and Ohrid, and handle flights to numerous cities throughout Europe. EU citizens can enter with nothing more than a valid ID card, and U.S., U.K., and Canadian citizens only need a valid passport, no visa. Land crossings are also no problem. While not as simple as EU border crossings, you could still easily add Macedonia as a stop on a motorcycle tour of the Balkans.

What Planet Ride Offers for motorcycle adventures in Macedonia

Planet Ride strives to find unique and intrepid Macedonia motorcycle tours, along with other road trip adventures throughout the country. We seek out masterful guides who have intimate knowledge of the local culture, roads, vehicles, and landscapes. These guides steward you for the duration of the trip. No matter whether you choose one of our shorter motorcycle circuits, which are generally low mileage trips on well-paved roads that are easily traveled by beginners and experienced riders alike, or one of our motorcycle adventure circuits, which are reserved for experienced motorcycle riders that are comfortable riding long distances, often off-road, you’ll be wholeheartedly supported the entire way. We do offer a handful of tours that open up a new level of riding freedom, and let you explore entirely without a guide!

One of our most popular Macedonia road trip adventures at the moment is a 15-day trek through the Balkans. You’ll begin in Romania’s capital of Bucharest, where you’ll meet Maria (your guide) and get set up with one of a couple of different BMW models. After a day of exploring, you’ll make your way through Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Greece, and Bulgaria! During this incredible journey, you’ll ride atop beautiful mountain ridgelines, witness splendid landscapes, and travel down roads that have been traveled for centuries like the Transfagarasan Road through the Carpathian Mountains.

Through the first couple of days of riding, you’ll visit the largest salt mine in Europe, taste the traditional cuisine of Romania, explore an old medieval town, and admire the centuries-old Baroque and Renaissance architecture. Further on, Bran Castle (of Dracula fame) awaits you, along with curvaceous high-altitude mountain passes and some thrilling riding. Next is Sarajevo, and its narrow, cobbled streets and countless mosques and traditional shops. Don’t leave without trying some of the local specialties like “jagnjetina,” which is a grilled lamb dish, or the chicken dish of “Begova Cobra.” After a stop in Croatia, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, and Montenegro, you’ll finally cross the Macedonian border. Now, your Macedonia motorcycle adventure can begin! After a stop in the capital, you’ll head for Ohrid, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its hundreds of old churches. If you’re able to wrench yourself away from the beauty and allure of this place, the next destination is Greece! After a visit to Thessaloniki, you’ll round out the last few days by riding through fantastic Bulgarian countryside and some more of Romania before arriving back in Bucharest.