Unlock Laos on the Ho Chi Minh Trail

Laos - 9 days trip with motorcycle - starting at $ 2138
Discover Khmer temples and the Mekong Falls
Explore the Ho Chi Minh trail by motorcycle
Visit Lao’s most beautiful places by motorbike
Guide speaks : French, English,
9 day trip
Driving 7 day
7h per day
with guide
1500km in total
From October to August
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I have traveled the world on all type of vehicles but motorcycle rides remain my favorite ! I have now specialized myself into road-trips manufacturing... What I love the most…

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Experience the Authenticity of the Laotian Highlands

Laos is a country like no other. Discover the undiscovered as you journey across the famed Ho Chi Minh Trail on a spectacular Laos motorcycle tour. You’ll make your way across the mountains down ridges and trails across the Hin Nam No Stone Forest, the Khmer Temples, and cross the Mekong River. As you travel across the country, you’ll meet the different people who call the country home and discover an authentic and unique experience you could have nowhere else. Get ready to experience the stunning nature and incredible culture and history on this unforgettable Laos motorbike tour.


Map of your Motorcycle road trip :

Day 1


When you arrive at Vientiane Airport, you’ll be picked up in local style by a tuk-tuk which will take you over to your hotel. You’ll have time to explore Vientiane a little before you settle down to dinner with your trip guide who’s there to give you a personal introduction into Laos.

Day 2

Vientiane - Paksan - Khamkeut (Laksao)

335 km

Our Laos motorcycle tour begins as you head towards the Laos-Vietnam border. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity visit the ancient sites of Vat Prabatphonsan, enjoy the views from the heights of Phou Pha Mane and cross the Nam Theun Bridge. Here you can explore the remnants from the Indochina Wars, old aluminum bomb casings which have been recycled into canoes. By the end of the day, you’ll arrive in LakSao where you can enjoy the lovely village and relax in the late afternoon.

Day 3

Khamkeut - Nakai - Boualapha

210 km

After we snake along the Vietnamese border for several miles, it’s time for our Ho Chi Minh trail motorcycle adventure to kick off. As we pick up the famed route, we will pass by the largest dam in Laos, Nam Theun, and across the stone forest of Hin Nam No. You’ll cross through small villages with long and complex histories before you arrive in Muang Boualapha to rest for the evening.

Day 4

Boualapha - Sépon - Muang Nong

170 km

We have a local secret spot for you to enjoy breakfast before we continue our Ho Chi Minh trail tour towards Muang Nong. You’ll make your way across a war-torn history where you can visit the Ban Dong Military Museum along with the Lao-Viet Friendship Bridge. As you continue down the trail, you’ll meet indigenous peoples living a traditional lifestyle, the Ta-Ouy. By the end of the day, you’ll see the small buildings of Muang Nong rise up and will be ready for a little rest and relaxation.

Day 5

Muang Nong - Ta-Ouy - KaLeum - Sékong

190 km

You’ll be totally immersed in the Ho Chi Minh Trail as you ride across the footsteps of Laos ancient warriors and interact with their modern descendants who still maintain their traditional roots. After lunch, you’ll have a long, beautiful drive to Sékong where we’ll stop for the night on our Laos motorcycle tour.

Day 6

Sékong - Attapeu - Ban Kiet Ngong

180 km

Today’s a big driving day as we pass through the Attapeu and Sanxay regions on our Laos motorbike tour. You will even have the opportunity to see a unique piece of history— an American missile kept where it landed and failed to detonate as a museum piece by Laos. We’ll then continue down country roads towards Ban Kiet Ngong where we will cross the Xépian protected forests and see the dormant volcanoes there. On the way, you’ll meet with Vietnamese bike traders who crisscross Laos looking for old bikes and parts to sell. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit an ancient templed where Laotian knights trained in combat before we arrive at the end of the day in Ban Kiet Ngong Village.

Day 7

Ban Kiet Ngong - Vat Phou - Soukhoumma - Done Khong

190 km

With a little luck, you just might see some elephants along the road on our last day tracks of the Ho Chi Minh trail motorcycle tour. Your eyes won’t believe as the scenery changes around you and we emerge into the 4,000 islands of the Mekong. We’ll cross the Mekong on old, makeshift ferries and visit the Vat Phou temple. We’ll spend the evening on one of the islands, Done Khong, where will have a spectacular dinner right along the sea.

Day 8

Done Khong - Ban Nakasang - Mékong Fall - Paksé

220 km

On the penultimate day of our Laos motorbike tour, it’s time for one last ride. You’ll head out to the biggest falls of the country along the route to Ban Nakasang. At the edges of the waterfall, you’ll get to meet with an authentic village and learn the traditional ways of life on the Mekong. In the afternoon, you can visit a unique village where the specialize in the sculpture of wooden masks. In the evening, you’ll arrive in the charming town of Pakse and enjoy a charming, small hotel.

Day 9


Paksé is such a great place that we leave the last day open for you to explore it however you want. When you’re ready, we will transfer you over to the airport according to your flight schedule. It’s hard to believe, but our Laos motorcycle tour has already come to end !

For this trip, your vehicle is: a CRF250-L Honda motorcycle.

To drive this vehicle you need : permis moto inf. 125cc.

Price for this road trip starts at 2138$ for each rider .

Unique price : 2138$

>> Supplement for a private room : 134$


Price includes :

  • Laotian guide
  • The motorcycle (and petrol) guide, and all its accommodations
  • Ferries and river crossings
  • Entrances to the waterfalls and any other activity mentioned in the tour detail
  • Third party insurance
  • The transfer of your motorcycles and your return guide to Vientiane, the day after your arrival in Pakse
  • Motorcycle protective equipment (boots, Price includes helmet, glasses, knee pads, gloves, jackets with protections)
  • All nights mentioned in the itinerary
  • Mechanical support during the tour (transported by the guide, tubes and spare parts, tools, care kit)
  • All meals mentioned in the itinerary
  • Transportation from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the restaurant upon arrival on the first day


Price doesn’t include :

  • Personal insurance (we recommend that you take travel insurance before you leave for Asia)
  • All types of alcoholic drinks and drinks not during the tour
  • 4 × 4 vehicle add-on, supplement of $ 190 per day (including driver, gas, meals and nights)
  • Return transportation to the airport after the tour
  • The different massages and / or personal expenses
  • The mechanic during your tour (includes from 7 people)
  • Coverage in case of damage to your bike (no insurance takes this into account in Laos)
  • Visas for Laos ($ 30 at the airport or at each border of the country, with 2 passport photos)
  • National and international flights
  • Tips

There are no fixed dates for this trip. You choose your departure dates yourself.


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